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Crossing the Line: A Scientist’s Road From Neutrality to Activism

With President Trump having repeatedly called climate change a hoax and his administration working to suppress research, some in the science community have felt forced to take an unorthodox step of becoming activists. This Boston University environmental science professor just wrapped up a 2-week hunger strike.

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Introducing Inside Clean Energy, Our Revamped Clean Economy Newsletter

We've relaunched our Clean Economy Weekly newsletter with a new name and fresh look. For our debut edition, ICN's Dan Gearino talks to energy experts about staying positive in a world full of negative climate change news, as well as takes a closer look at the net-zero emissions pledges from BP and Dominion.

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House Passes Protecting America's Wilderness Act

The House passed legislation aimed at providing additional protections for more than 1 million acres of public land on the West Coast on Wednesday. The package would designate roughly 1.4 million acres in Colorado, California and Washington State as federally protected wilderness, granting it the highest level of protection possible.

(The Hill)

Trump May Approve Strip Mining on Tennessee’s Protected Cumberland Plateau

Even as the nation's demand for coal tumbles, the Trump administration is considering a permit that would allow strip mining on protected ridgelines in Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau over the objection of environmental groups and the state's Republican attorney general.

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Cross-State Air Pollution Causes Significant Premature Deaths in the U.S.

Midwest states are the biggest exporters of air pollution, a new study found, sending much of that pollution into the Northeast. In fact, more than four in 10 deaths in the U.S. associated with air pollution can be attributed to emissions that came from states other than where the deaths occurred, it said.

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Ocasio-Cortez Introduces National Fracking Ban

New York's Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Florida's Rep. Darren Soto, both Democrats, officially introduced in the House a bill that would ban fracking nationwide, which was announced late last month and would accompany a Senate version introduced by Vermont's Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders.

(The Hill)

Billions of Acres of Cropland Lie Within a New Frontier. So Does 100 Years of Carbon Emissions

As the climate warms, billions of acres of once cold and inhospitable land will become suitable for farming. But if that happens, it could unleash more carbon dioxide than the U.S. will emit in nearly 120 years at its current rate, a new study warns.

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An Obscure Issue Four Years Ago, Climate Emerged as a Top Concern in New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders wasn't the only victor in New Hampshire on Tuesday. At the first-in-the-nation primary, climate change rose from obscurity to a place among the top issues for Democratic voters. Exit polling showed that 28 percent of Tuesday's voters said climate change was the most important issue, second only to health care.

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Australian Fires Declared 'Contained' After Devastating Season

After weeks of devastating bushfires that killed dozens living in Australia and displaced thousands more from their homes, an Australian fire service announced Thursday that all wildfires in the state of South Wales were contained.

(The Hill)

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