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The EPA Is Asking a Virgin Islands Refinery for Information on its Spattering of Neighbors With Oil

Federal regulators sent a letter to the Virgin Islands Limetree Bay refinery requesting a host of information pertaining to a February flaring incident, in which more than 130 homes were spattered with oil. The letter also asks for expansive details about the refinery’s operations, leading some experts to believe the EPA could be preparing to take additional action against Limetree.

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Biden Wants Leaders to Make Climate Commitments for Earth Day

Japan, South Korea and Canada are expected to join the U.S. in committing to emissions reductions during President Biden’s climate change summit next week. But getting commitments from big emitters like China, Brazil and India is still up in the air. Climate envoy John Kerry is in China this week speaking with leaders ahead of the summit.

(The New York Times)

An Unusual Coalition of Environmental and Industry Groups Is Calling on the EPA to Quickly Phase Out Super-Polluting Refrigerants

In a rare alliance, a coalition of manufacturers and environmental groups is calling on the federal government to quickly phase out the worst climate super-polluting chemicals currently used in air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliances. The petitions reflect strong agreement on the need for aggressive federal leadership on climate policy.

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Carbon Emissions Could Plummet. The Atmosphere Will Lag Behind

The Biden administration is expected to announce massive cuts to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., but that won’t quickly halt global warming, NPR reports. That’s because the carbon dioxide and other planet warming gases that are already in the atmosphere will take centuries to fully dissipate. 


Trading Clunkers for Electric Bikes: France Moves to Offer Financial Incentive

France is considering offering nearly $3,000 to owners of old cars to turn in their beaters for scrap and buy a bicycle. The measure has been approved by lawmakers in a preliminary vote as the nation aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030.


Here’s What A Civilian Climate Corps Could Look Like

A climate group published a 20-page report this week outlining what a 21st century version of the Civilian Conservation Corps could look like. The New Deal-era version of the corps didn’t pay well and only really employed young, white men. But in Evergreen Action’s vision, the program could provide good pay, benefits and on-the-job training—and it would need to be five times bigger. 


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