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Germany’s Worst Rainfall in a Century Leaves Over 100 Dead and Many More Missing

Catastrophic flooding in western Europe this week has killed more than 100 people, CNN reports, with over a thousand more missing, as large-scale rescue efforts continue amidst rising water, landslides and power outages. Extreme rainfall, exacerbated by climate change, left entire villages in Germany and Belgium underwater, with cars wedged in between collapsed buildings and debris.


Oregon Wildfire Displaces 2,000 Residents as Blazes Flare Across the American West

Firefighters struggled Thursday to suppress a huge wildfire that displaced roughly 2,000 residents in southern Oregon, Reuters reports. The largest among dozens of blazes raging across the drought-stricken western United States, the Bootleg fire has charred more than 227,000 acres in and around the Fremont-Winema National Forest since erupting on July 6 about 250 miles south of Portland.


The Government Cut Off Water to Farmers in the Klamath Basin. It Reignited a Decades-Old War Over Water and Fish

Farmers, tribes, several species of protected fish and migratory birds all need water in California’s Klamath Basin. But intense droughts and a warming climate are decreasing the region’s supply, prompting the government this summer to cut off access to water for irrigation and reigniting a decades-old fight over who gets to use what remains.

(Inside Climate News)

Work Injuries Tied to Heat Are Vastly Undercounted, Study Finds

Whether it’s heat stroke, falling down or being struck by a vehicle, extreme heat is contributing to many times more workplace injuries than official records capture, according to new research. With most of those injuries being concentrated among the poorest workers, the study is the latest evidence that suggests that climate change is worsening inequality, the New York Times reports.

(The New York Times)

Greenland Suspends Oil Exploration Because of Climate Change

Greenland will suspend all oil exploration on its land, its government announced Thursday, calling the move a “natural step” because the Arctic government “takes the climate crisis seriously,” the Associated Press reports. No oil has been found yet around Greenland, but officials there had seen potentially vast reserves as a way to help the Danish territory gain financial independence from Denmark.

(Associated Press)

China Opened a National Carbon Market. Here’s Why it Matters.

China, the world’s biggest source of greenhouse gas pollution, opened a national carbon emissions trading market on Friday, a long-awaited step aimed at fighting climate change, the New York Times reports. The market is part of China’s larger plan to curb its massive carbon footprint and will grant tradable credits to companies that stay below a pollution threshold.

(The New York Times)

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