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Fossil Fuel Companies Took Billions in U.S. Coronavirus Relief Funds but Still Cut Nearly 60,000 Jobs

When Congress looked to prop up a tanking economy and stanch its hemorrhaging of employment as the pandemic spread last year, the oil industry was among those that sought relief. Now, a new analysis shows that dozens of fossil fuel companies received billions of dollars in tax benefits in the coronavirus relief package, but slashed tens of thousands of jobs anyway.

(Inside Climate News)

A North Dakota Town Is Evacuated as Governor Declares a Statewide Emergency Due to Wildfires

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum declared a statewide emergency Thursday as wildfires led to the evacuation of Medora, a small town of about 130 people near the state’s Montana border. North Dakota officials have received reports of more than 140 wildfires this year, with over 30,000 acres burned in total. That’s a big difference from the 9,205 acres that burned across the state during all of last year.


California Officials Warn of Another Record Dry Year Ahead for the State

California water officials warned on Thursday that the state was set to see another record dry year, reporting that the statewide snowpack sat at just 59 percent of what was typically expected at this time of year, the Sacramento Bee reports. The April 1 survey is one of the most important measurements of the year, when the snowpack is the deepest and has the highest snow-water content.

(Sacramento Bee)

Big Meat and Dairy Companies Have Spent Millions Lobbying Against Climate Action, a New Study Finds

Top U.S. meat and dairy companies, along with livestock and agricultural lobbying groups, have spent millions campaigning against climate action and sowing doubt about the links between animal agriculture and climate change, according to new research. The study also said that the biggest global meat and dairy companies aren’t doing enough to curb their greenhouse gas emissions.

(Inside Climate News)

FEMA Unveils New Flood Insurance Calculation It Says Will Be More Equitable

The Federal Emergency Management Agency on Thursday unveiled changes to the National Flood Insurance Program that the agency says will make the program more equitable. Premiums based on home value and flood risk will be recalculated under the move so that pricier homes will potentially cost more to insure than they do now, while lower-valued homes will cost less.

(The Hill)

Energy Department Pushes to Reverse Trump-Era Rule on Efficiency Standards

The Biden administration is moving to reverse Trump-era changes that made it harder to impose energy efficiency standards for commercial products and industrial equipment, The Hill reports. The Trump administration had implemented an energy savings threshold in order to set energy efficiency standards, but an Energy Department’s proposal would remove that limit.

(The Hill)

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