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What the BLM Shake-Up Could Mean for Public Lands and Their Climate Impact

The changes at the Bureau of Land Management might not seem small, but with a self-described Sagebrush Rebel in charge, the shifts of staff from Washington, D.C., to Western states could help position conservatives to accomplish substantial political goals, including expanding fossil fuel development.

(InsideClimate News)

PG&E May Shut Off Power in Large Portions of California to Prevent Wildfires

Utility giant Pacific Gas & Electric warned on Monday that it may shut off power across much of California as winds pickup later this week to prevent power lines and equipment from sparking wildfires. Read more about how drier autumns as the planet warms helped fuel last year's devastating blazes.

(The Hill)

Biggest U.S. Index Funds Oppose Most Climate Proposals in Shareholder Votes

Climate-related shareholder resolutions often take center stage at corporate annual meetings, fueled by mounting public pressure to curb carbon emissions. But they seldom draw support from the two top U.S. index fund firms, Reuters reports.


‘Coal Is Still King’ in Southeast Asia Even as Countries Work Toward Cleaner Energy

Coal is still a dominant fuel in the rapidly growing economies of Southeast Asia, even amid growing global pressure to move toward cleaner energy sources, CNBC reports. One study says coal use in the region will grow and peak in 2027 before slowing.


Climate Change Protests: With Fake Blood, Extinction Rebellion Hits N.Y.

Tourists and workers on Wall Street on Monday were met by a jarring spectacle: protesters, some lying in pools of fake blood outside the New York Stock Exchange, others chanting, all to call attention to deaths linked to climate-related disasters.

(The New York Times)

Perry Denies He Is Planning to Resign

Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Monday denied reports that he will leave the Trump administration in November. Last week, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee sent questions to Perry related to his travel to Ukraine amid scrutiny of the Trump administration's dealings with that country.

(The Hill)

Oyster Reefs Are Making a Comeback by Protecting Coasts From the Ravages of Climate Change

Oyster reefs, decimated by a century of overharvesting and worsening water quality, are being rebuilt by multiple projects using public and private funding in an effort to protect coastal real estate from climate change, CNBC reports.


As Sea Levels Rise, So Do Ghost Forests

As climate change continues to push sea levels upward, the saltwater is killing woodlands along the East Coast, creating stands of dead trees known as ghost forests.

(The New York Times)

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