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Will the Democrats’ Climate Legislation Hinge on Carbon Capture?

The Democrats’ fragile package of sweeping climate and infrastructure legislation could hinge on carbon capture and storage, a technology that pulls carbon dioxide from the air and pumps it underground. The Senate is expected to vote on the matter Wednesday, but progressive groups are urging Democrats to oppose the technology, saying transitioning away from fossil fuels should be the top priority.

(Inside Climate News)

Pandemic Recovery Is Set to Push Emissions to an All-Time High, Global Energy Watchdog Says

The global rebound from the coronavirus pandemic is set to drive emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases to all-time highs by sometime in 2023, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency. The energy watchdog’s report also noted that the world’s governments are spending about a third of what’s needed for countries to reach their net-zero emissions goals.


From Detroit to Germany to Mumbai, Climate Change Is Worsening Torrential Downpours

In Germany last week, the equivalent of two months’ worth of rain fell in just 12 hours, killing nearly 200 people. Over the weekend in Mumbai, more than 9 inches of rain fell over 24 hours, killing more than 30. And in June, Detroit saw 6 inches of rainfall over just five hours, inundating much of the city and stranding motorists. Experts say the extreme rain has the fingerprints of climate change all over it.

(Yahoo News)

Democrats Propose a Border Tax Based on Countries’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Democratic lawmakers on Monday proposed to raise as much as $16 billion annually by imposing a tax on imports from China and other countries that are not significantly reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Experts worry that the plan, which comes a week after the European Union proposed a similar tax, could provoke U.S. trade partners ahead of November’s international climate talks.

(The New York Times)

Climate-Driven Changes in Clouds are Likely to Amplify Global Warming

For years climate scientists have debated how climate change was affecting clouds and whether those effects would heat or cool the planet. Now a study that looked at 20 years of data is shedding new light on the matter, giving researchers high certainty that the changes in clouds brought about by climate change will, in fact, amplify warming—creating yet another dangerous feedback loop.

(Inside Climate News)

On California’s Coast, Black Abalone, Already Vulnerable to Climate Change, are Increasingly Threatened by Wildfire

California’s black abalone already face a number of threats, including overharvesting and disease. But as the state continues to face record wildfire years, made worse by climate change, scientists now worry that the endangered shellfish are also being threatened by ecological changes caused in part by the blazes. Along the Big Sur coast, the after effects of wildfires have already harmed marine species.

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