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EPA Asked to Justify Proposal to Limit Power of Its Science Advisers

Typically when the EPA makes a large proposal, its independent Science Advisory Board is asked to weigh in and give nonpartisan, empirical feedback. But the agency is now proposing to centralize that input process to the board's chair and cut out the other roughly 40 members, raising alarm bells with lawmakers who see the move as retaliatory. 

(The Hill)

Big Oil's Profits Since 1990 Total Nearly $2 Trillion

BP, Shell, Chevron and Exxon have made almost $2 trillion in profits in the last three decades from their exploitation of oil, gas and coal reserves, as fossil fuels have endangered the planet, an analysis for the Guardian revealed.

(The Guardian)

BP Sets Bold Agenda for Big Oil With Plan to Eliminate Its CO2

Bernard Looney, BP's CEO of just a week, has set out the boldest climate plan of any major oil company, pledging to eliminate almost all of the carbon emissions from its operations and the fuel it sells to customers. BP is now the only major oil company to promise to zero-out all its emissions.


Global Financial Giants Swear Off Funding an Especially Dirty Fuel

Some of the world's largest financial institutions, including The Hartford and BlackRock, said they would no longer fund oil production in the Canadian province of Alberta, home to one of the world's most extensive, and also dirtiest, oil reserves. They're the latest in a flood of banks pulling support from fossil fuels to fight climate change.

(The New York Times)

Trump’s Legacy: Drilled Public Lands and the Resulting Carbon Emissions

The Trump administration has opened up 461 million acres of public land—four times the size of California—to drilling from oil companies, a plan that threatens to entrench the industry at the expense of other outdoor jobs, while locking in enough emissions to undermine global climate policy.

(The Guardian)

Oil Production on Public Lands Exceeds 1 Billion Barrels

Meanwhile, U.S. oil production on public lands hit more than 1 billion barrels last year, a nearly 30 percent increase over production at the end of the Obama administration. The billion barrel figure for fiscal 2019 is the highest the Department of the Interior has seen over the last decade.

(The Hill)

Plant a Trillion Trees: Republicans Offer Climate Fix With Fossil-friendly Catch

Republican lawmakers on Wednesday will propose legislation setting a goal for the United States to plant a trillion trees by 2050 to fight global warming, a plan intended to address climate change by sucking carbon out of the air instead of by cutting emissions, which critics say is the far more important goal.


A Rare Trump-Era Climate Policy Hits an Obstacle: The Tax Man

A rare policy enacted in 2018 under President Trump to address climate change by offering a lucrative tax break for companies that use carbon capture technology has remained blocked for two years, as the Internal Revenue Service struggles to explain how the credit can be claimed.

(The New York Times)

U.K. Could Ban Sale of Petrol and Diesel Cars in 12 Years, Says Transport Secretary

U.K.'s government could ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars in the country by 2032, three years earlier than previously suggested, the country's transport secretary Grant Shapps said in a radio interview Wednesday.

(The Guardian)

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