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Louisville’s Super-Polluting Chemical Plant Emits Not One, But Two Potent Greenhouse Gases

A chemical plant in Louisville, Kentucky has greenhouse gas emissions exceeding the impact of 750,000 passenger vehicles. Chemours, the plant’s owner, says it will address the issue, but warns the fix will take years, and the city’s pollution control agency is satisfied with the company’s voluntary pace to reduce emissions. 

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Test Flight for Sunlight-Blocking Research Is Canceled

A project in Sweden, part of a long-term experiment to research blocking sunlight to cool the planet, has been canceled, the New York Times reports. Solar geoengineering is highly controversial and some environmentalists fear that even researching the technology could distract from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the root cause of global warming.

(The New York Times)

After Hurricane Harvey, a Heated Debate Over Flood Control Funds in Texas’ Harris County

Many on Houston’s heavily Latino East Side who are still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey feel let down after county officials revealed a budget shortfall in relief funding. At a county commissioners’ meeting last week, residents complained that the funding map looked the same as always, with affluent white communities receiving far more funding than communities of color.

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Amazon Illegally Fired Activist Workers, Labor Board Finds

Former Amazon workers Emily Cunningham and Maren Cost were wrongfully terminated after pushing their employer to act on climate change and other issues, the National Labor Relations Board determined. The two designers were among the most vocal members of a group supported by thousands of employees advocating for climate justice.

(The New York Times)

Lawsuits Pile Up Over Endangered Species Decisions Made by Trump Administration

The Center for Biological Diversity sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service last week over the Trump administration’s decision not to list 10 species under the Endangered Species Act, including the monarch butterfly and the northern spotted owl. The organization hopes that the Biden administration will prioritize species protections after a “dark period for endangered wildlife.”

(ABC News)

Warming Trends: Green Grass on the Ski Slopes, Covid-19 Waste Kills Animals and the Virtues and Vulnerabilities of Big Old Trees

The newly crowned world champion of women’s cross-country skiing is witnessing the sport she loves fall victim to climate change. And Google Maps will soon take users on the most fuel-efficient route to their destination. That and more in this week’s Warming Trends. 

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