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How Trump Is Using the Environment to Attack California. It’s Not Just About Auto Standards.

California has been a world innovator in crafting environmental policy, but a multi-pronged assault by the Trump administration now seeks both to hobble California's climate efforts and to shred the state's reputation as an environmental leader.

(InsideClimate News)

Flood of Oil Is Coming, Complicating Efforts to Fight Global Warming

A surge of oil production is set to hit the world market, despite growing growing concerns over climate change and slowing worldwide oil demand. Four countries—Brazil, Canada, Norway and Guyana—will add nearly a million barrels a day in 2020.

(The New York Times)

Indian Capital Bans Some Cars in Bid to Curb Hazardous Air Pollution

Authorities in India's capital New Delhi on Monday temporarily banned cars that have license plates ending in an odd number from the road, in a bid to cut hazardous air pollution in the city. The government declared a health emergency over air pollution and will alternate the ban between odd and even numbers through at least Nov. 15.

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An Energy Breakthrough Could Store Solar Power for Decades

Researchers in Sweden have figured out how to harness solar energy and keep it in reserve so it can be released on demand in the form of heat—even decades after it was captured, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.


Thirsty Future Ahead as Climate Change Juices Plant Growth

Rising CO2 levels and a warmer earth means plants will grow bigger and have longer to suck the land dry. That's bad news for human water supplies.

(National Geographic)

Tropical Cyclone Kyarr Is Arabian Sea's Second Strongest Storm on Record

Tropical Cyclone Kyarr reached Category 4 winds last week, making it the second most intense tropical cyclone on record in the Northern Indian Ocean's Arabian Sea, according to ratings by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

(Scientific American)

UK Announces Fracking Moratorium, Shale Gas Explorers’ Shares Fall

The UK government announced over the weekend that it is imposing a moratorium on fracking, sending shares in British shale gas explorers falling Monday morning.


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