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The Green New Deal Lands in Congress

Backers of a Green New Deal introduced a resolution to launch an all-out, decade-long mobilization aimed at transforming the economy to carbon-free energy. They say their goal would restore America's global leadership on climate change, build national prosperity and protect the most vulnerable.

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As Congress Launches Month of Climate Hearings, GOP Bashes Green New Deal

With Democrats now in the control in the U.S. House, two key committees used their first hearings of the year to press for more vigorous action on climate change. They invited governors and scientists to talk about the need for urgent action, the impacts on communities and bipartisan solutions. Republicans questioned the costs and viability of a Green New Deal.

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Hurricanes Are Strengthening Faster in the Atlantic, and Climate Change Is a Big Reason Why, Scientists Say

Hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean have gotten worse and climate change is part of the reason, according to a new study from top hurricane experts including federal researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The study looks at how hurricanes are now more likely to rapidly intensify, as happened before hurricanes Harvey and Michael made landfall.

(Washington Post)

Chevron Says It Will Reduce Its Own Emissions, but Won't Cap Production

Chevron says it will reduce its own air pollution intensity by 25 to 30 percent by 2023, which may avert an initiative by shareholders to force the change. But the targets do not apply to emissions by consumers using Chevron products.


A School Board Says No to Big Oil, and Alarms Sound in Business-Friendly Louisiana

When the East Baton Rouge Parish school board rejected a $2.9 million property tax break for ExxonMobil, it went off like a bomb in a state where the oil, gas and chemical industries are king. This is part of a larger fight as local governments and activists are trying to change a system of deference to big business.

(The New York Times)

Tests for Oil in Arctic Refuge Won’t Happen This Winter, Officials Say

Federal officials say there will not be seismic testing for oil and gas this winter in a large part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The testing proposal is still pending, but the company behind it has asked that the start date be moved to next December.

(The New York Times)

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