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Trump Administration Prepares to Buy 30 Million Barrels of Oil Amid Industry Slump

The federal government announced Thursday that it would buy 30 million barrels of oil from producers dealing with the recent downturn for the industry, as markets continue to reel from the twin threat of coronavirus and a price war led by Saudi Arabia. The move has been met by harsh rebuke from environmentalists and Democrats.

(The Hill)

In the Face of Coronavirus Pandemic, Climate Activists Reevaluate Their Tactics

With the coronavirus outbreak limiting social gatherings and consuming the public eye, climate activists worry their movement is losing ground just as it was reaching unprecedented momentum. Many activists are rescheduling rallies and strikes or moving their campaigns online.

(InsideClimate News)

Expect a Soggy U.S. Flood Season, but Less Severe Than Last Year’s

U.S. forecasters from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are predicting another flooded spring, but not as bad as last year, when record rainfall inundated much of the Midwest. The most severe flooding this year is expected in parts of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

(The New York Times)

FERC Approves Pipeline, Natural Gas Terminal in Oregon

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Thursday approved a controversial natural gas pipeline and marine export terminal project in Oregon, setting the stage for a possible legal battle with the state. Oregon's Democratic governor threatened to take the Jordan Cove project to court if it doesn't obtain all its required state and local permits.

(Associated Press)

Mariner East Pipeline Worker Charged with Felony for Falsifying Weld Records

A Pennsylvania pipeline worker is expected to plead guilty to a felony for forging documents that falsely claimed a weld on the Mariner East pipeline was properly X-rayed. The discovery triggered an FBI investigation, casting doubt on other areas of the 20-mile segment the worker was assigned to inspect.

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Mass Transit is Vital to Cutting CO2. But Who Wants to Ride the Subway Now?

Mass-transit ridership across the country has plummeted in the wake of coronavirus. Now, as the U.S. government considers bailing out the airline and oil industries, the public transit sector is arguing it deserves federal help too—and is resting its case, in part, on its role in fighting climate change.


Climate Voters Still Want More From Biden

The 2020 race, in many ways, signaled a major shift in the public perception of global warming, with many top Democratic candidates boasting aggressive climate platforms. But as the nomination looks ever more likely to be the more moderate Joe Biden, some climate-conscious voters say they're struggling to get on board.

(The New York Times)

U.S. Clean Energy Sector Seeks Subsidy Help to Confront Slowdown

Wind and solar energy companies on Thursday called on Congress to pass tax incentives that would help the sector avoid project delays and keep financing flowing amid a pandemic that has choked off supply chains and slowed construction.


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