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Our Growing Food Demands Will Lead to More Corona-like Viruses

As global population and demand for food climb, wild habitats will continue to shrink or disappear. That will likely lead to higher numbers of the species, such as bats and rats, that transmit deadly diseases like the novel coronavirus, researchers say.

(InsideClimate News)

Greta Thunberg Says It’s ‘Extremely Likely’ That She Had Coronavirus

Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old Swedish climate activist, said on Tuesday that it was "extremely likely" that she had contracted COVID-19, but has since recovered. Thunberg, who said she only showed mild symptoms, reported her father also became ill and felt far worse. She used the announcement to urge young people to stay home to protect more vulnerable populations.

(The New York Times)

Oil Price May Fall to $10 a Barrel as World Runs Out of Storage Space

The world may soon run out of space to store its extra oil as Saudi Arabia prepares to increase its fossil fuel production even as global demand for energy continues to fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Guardian reports. On average, world storage levels have climbed to about three-quarters full since January, and some analysts predict oil falling as low as $10 a barrel this year.

(The Guardian)

Trump Administration Continues to Sell Oil Rights Amid Industry Slump

The Trump administration is pushing ahead with drilling lease sales as oil prices plummet and conservation groups and others call to suspend business as usual during the coronavirus outbreak. The Bureau of Land Management held lease sales in Wyoming, Montana, Nevada and Colorado on Monday.

(The Hill)

Smoke from Australia’s Bushfires Killed Hundreds

Smoke from Australia's disastrous bushfires killed hundreds of people and sent thousands to hospitals and emergency rooms, according to a new study. Wildfire smoke killed at least 417 people and sent over 3,000 people to hospitals for cardiac and respiratory problems, it found.

(Scientific American)

World's Wind Power Capacity Up by a Fifth After Record Year

The world's wind power capacity grew by almost a fifth in 2019 after a year of record growth for offshore windfarms and a boom in onshore projects in the U.S. and China, a new report from an international industry group says.

(The Guardian)

Coronavirus Is a Stress Test for Future Climate Shocks

Financial risk modelers are looking at the global response to COVID-19 as a test case for how climate shocks could roil markets and push governments to respond to existential threats. Seeing the impact of the pandemic has some modelers broadening their view of the social consequences of climate change.


U.S. Climate Activists to Livestream Earth Day Due to Virus

As the coronavirus causes shut-downs across the U.S., a coalition of youth-led organizations that had planned massive marches for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day next month are now planning a three-day livestream event instead, organizers said Tuesday.

(Associated Press)

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