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Fives States Have Filed Climate Change Lawsuits, Seeking Damages From Big Oil and Gas

Connecticut and Delaware have joined a growing list of states, cities and counties that have filed climate change lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry, claiming oil and gas companies knew their products caused sea level rise and stronger hurricanes but willfully misled the public about those and other dangers related to global warming.

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A ‘Crossroads’ for Humanity: Earth’s Biodiversity Is Still Collapsing

The world is failing to address a catastrophic biodiversity collapse that not only threatens to wipe out beloved species and invaluable genetic diversity, but endangers humanity's food supply, health and security, according to a sweeping new United Nations report. Despite commitments made a decade ago to protect and restore nature, nations continue to exacerbate the crisis, it says.

(The New York Times)

Hurricane Sally Is Bringing 'History-Making' Rains To Gulf Coast, Forecasters Say

Hurricane Sally weakened a bit overnight, but the storm brings a perilous threat of floods to areas along the northern Gulf Coast, forecasters say. The hurricane is crawling along at just 2 mph, giving its heavy rains even more potential impact. Many communities in Sally's path will be drenched by 10 to 20 inches of rain, with some areas possibly seeing up to 30 inches.


Biden Puts Climate Change at Center of Presidential Campaign, Calling Trump a ‘Climate Arsonist’

With the West ablaze and a hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden assailed President Donald Trump for science denial Monday in an unprecedented move by a candidate to shift a U.S. presidential campaign's focus to global warming. "From the ravages of climate change, it's clear we're not safe in Donald Trump's America," Biden said at a recent campaign rally.

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Changing Patterns of Ocean Salt Levels Give Scientists Clues to Extreme Weather on Land

A new study mapping salt concentrations in the world's oceans confirms what physics and climate models have long suggested: Global warming is intensifying Earth's water cycle, worsening droughts and increasing extreme rainstorms and flooding. The study paints a much clearer picture of how much, and where, that water cycle is changing.

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New Break in Greenland’s Largest Ice Shelf Signals Rapid Melting

As the summer melt season reaches its peak, the largest Arctic ice shelf has jettisoned a piece of ice twice the size of Manhattan. The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland reported on Monday that the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream has lost more than 19 square miles for the second year in a row. A separate study published Monday found the region had entered a new climate period.


Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles Among Cities With World's Worst Air Quality as Wildfires Rage

Three U.S. cities—Portland, Oregon, Seattle and Los Angeles—are currently among the top 10 worldwide with the worst air quality as dozens of large-scale wildfires across the American West continue to rage, according to rankings compiled by air quality tracker IQAir.

(The Hill)

Northern Hemisphere Sees Its Hottest Summer on Record

The Northern Hemisphere had its hottest summer on record this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Monday. The three-month season from June through August broke a record that had been set in 2016 and tied in 2019, with August 1.69 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average of 60.1 degrees, the agency reported.

(The Hill)

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