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As Wildfire Smoke Blots Out the Sun in Northern California, Many Ask: ‘Where Are the Birds?’

As many Westerners awoke this week to a sky so muted by smoke from raging wildfires that it looked like night, backyard bird watchers noticed something else: Silence at their bird feeders. Or worse yet, dead birds. Now some watchers are scrambling to find out what happened to bird populations in the region, which are already in major decline.

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La Niña May Worsen Southwest Drought This Winter

Climate forecasters said Thursday that the world had entered La Niña, the opposite phase of the climate pattern that also brings El Niño and affects weather across the globe. Among other impacts, La Niña has the potential this winter to worsen what are already severe drought conditions in the American Southwest.

(The New York Times)

Senate 2020: Georgia is Dealing With Droughts, Storms and Rising Seas, but Will it Matter to Voters?

In Georgia, Sen. David Perdue, and his record of supporting fossil fuels, is being challenged by Jon Ossoff, who wants to rebuild a cleaner economy for the state in the wake of Covid-19. This story is part of our Senate 2020 series, which focuses on the climate records of candidates in 11 key races in the November elections that will determine the future of U.S. climate policy.

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Delaware Sues Major Oil Companies Over Climate Change

Delaware on Thursday became the latest state to sue major oil and gas companies over climate change, arguing they knew about the issue for decades but participated in a "campaign of deception" to help sell their products. Named in the lawsuit are ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP and Shell, as well American Petroleum Institute, a major lobbying group.

(The Hill)

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