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Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez Launch 'Climate Emergency' Resolution in Congress

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced a resolution Tuesday asking Congress to declare that global warming is an emergency demanding a massive mobilization of resources to protect the U.S. economy, society and national security. They envision a mobilization on par with the U.S. response in World War II.

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White House Won't Review Climate Science Before Election

The proposed White House panel that would conduct an "adversarial" review of climate science is dead, at least for now, as President Trump grapples with negative perceptions of his environmental record at the outset of his reelection campaign.

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Glacial Loss in Antarctica May Become Irreversible

A NASA-funded study has found instability in Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier and suggests the ice sheet faces a tipping point at which point glacial melting will accelerate and become irreversible even if global heating eases.

(The Guardian)

France Moves to Combat Climate Change by Making Flights More Expensive

France will begin to charge an "ecotax" on flights departing from the country starting next year, in an effort to tempter the effects of carbon dioxide emissions resulting from air travel. The money from the tax will be reinvested in lower-emission transportation systems, like rail networks.

(Washington Post)

UK Not on Track to Meet 2050 Climate Goals, Advisers Warn

There is a growing gap between Britain's carbon-cutting ambition and policies, according to a progress report published by the Committee on Climate Change on Wednesday, and most sectors are not prepared for the impacts of even modest levels of global warming.

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States Urge Power Grid Operator PJM to Pick a CEO Who Can Address Climate Change

The attorneys general of Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia are urging PJM Interconnection, the nation's biggest electric grid operator, to choose a CEO who will help with "efforts to address climate change" and embrace a shift to clean energy. The company's former CEO retired in May. 

(Washington Post)

Quarter of World's Biggest Firms 'Fail to Disclose Emissions'

About a quarter of the world's highest-emitting companies do not report their greenhouse gas emissions, with nearly half failing to properly consider climate risks in their decision-making, according to a new study by a group of investors. The research looked at 274 publicly listed companies, which are required to disclose key financial data. 

(The Guardian)

Washington Floods Expose a Double Threat: Old Drains and Climate Change

Washington, D.C., received almost a month's worth of rain over just a few hours Monday, overwhelming the city's storm-water system and flooding homes and streets and showing the vulnerability of cities in the era of climate change. "We're still approaching this 21st-century problem with 20th-century infrastructure, and it's completely inadequate."

(The New York Times)

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