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Campaign for adoption of scavenging bill
A leading Indian organisation fighting against the inhuman practice of manual scavenging, Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan, has launched a campaign for the enactment of the bill on ‘The Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation’. Former manual scavengers are knocking on Parliamentarians' doors, urging them to enact legislation soon. The organisation has also published a detailed and precise analysis of the proposed bill

Manual scavengers to block parliament
Under the leadership of another leading campaign organisation, Safai Karmachari Andolan, manual scavengers demonstrated in New Delhi on 7 August against government apathy in abolishing a practice which mainly affects Dalits. They may return if new legislation is not introduced urgently.

Slave castes suffer in Madagascar
The UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, Gulnara Shahinian, has urged the Government of Madagascar to address the issue of caste discrimination openly. Descendants of former slaves in the country suffer from deeply rooted discrimination and exploitation on the basis of their ‘slave caste’.

Strong Dalit protests over Haryana death
The alleged rape and murder of a 20-year old Dalit woman has caused outrage in Haryana, India. The family of the deceased as well as civil society organisations have demanded a proper investigation into the case. Haryana is notorious for rapes, especially against Dalit women. Read this excellent article on Dalit women speaking out against the culture of rape.

UN MDG report neglects caste dimension
A recent UN report on the Millennium Development Goals has recognised the progress made by South Asian countries in reducing poverty and improving access to education and health. But it neglects to address the issue of caste discrimination and “the consequent social and political marginalisation of groups”, says Paul Divakar, one of India’s leading campaigners for Dalit human rights.

India: False miracles and true inspiration
After five years in India, Canadian newspaper correspondent Stephanie Nolen said farewell with this moving piece that carries a strong focus on Dalit and women’s issues. There is individual hope, but the experienced India-watcher also questions whether the country is actually capable of changing for the better.

Dalit journalists stung by discrimination
The number of Dalits in the Indian media is rising, but many of them would prefer to leave as they are frequently subjected to caste discrimination. This is one of the findings in an investigation into Dalit representation in the media. Read the full report (in three parts): The untold story of Dalit journalists; Caste on the campus; Farewell to media dreams

Photo series of Devadasi women
It has been banned for 25 years, but India's Devadasi system of temple prostitution persists, forcing mostly Dalit women into a lifetime of sexual exploitation. The Hindu newspaper has published a compelling photo series on the issue.

A new UN field bulletin from Nepal looks at the prevalence of caste discrimination at the local level and highlights the challenge of implementing new legislation on the issue. Another bulletin examines relations between Dalits and ‘upper caste’ communities. Caste-based discrimination in Nepal: a local level perspective from Dadeldhura district; Evolving relations between members of the Dalit, Magar and so-called ‘Upper Caste’ communities

Appeal from the Asian Human Rights Commission:
Nepal: Victim and human rights activist assaulted and forced to drop charges in a case of attempted rape

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