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Friday, December 9, 2011

1. None of the Above

While Mitt Romney has long been considered the de-facto frontrunner in the GOP primary, the truth is, he's spent very little time on atop the polls. It seems like every other guy who enters the race surges ahead of Mitt. And these include folks who either had no chance and no related knowledge (Herman Cain), have run remarkably embarrassing campaigns (Rick Perry), or are retreads with a screw loose and more baggage than a 747 (Newt). And yet, one by one, they've all held leads over Mitt Romney. Is there a chance that None of the Above wins this thing? And if so, who steps up to unify the fractured party?

2. The Toxic Bunny

The Energizer Bunny keeps going and going and going. Until it gets to Mexico. That's where it stops. In the U.S., there are strict laws when it comes to exposing workers to lead. In Mexico, there are no such hurdles. So a massive number of used batteries get shipped across the border for recycling. And can mean big risks for the people who work with the batteries and those who live in neighboring communities. Even though batteries are used to power hybrid cars, etc, soon, you're going to see a lot of stories that ask the question: Just how environmentally friendly are these things?

3. The Scan Scam

Does your bank ever send you a new debit card with a note indicating that it may have been compromised in some way? It happened to me a few times, so I questioned someone at the bank about what was up. She asked: "Have you ever used your card a gas station?" I didn't really see the connection between gas stations and my compromised debit card until now. It turns out that tech-savvy crooks often insert their own card scanners into places where you swipe your card. In California, a large number of self-checkout grocery terminals were violated. When customers swiped, criminals read.

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4. Thinking Outside the Box Until the Very End: More than 40% of Americans are cremated when they die. That's a massive number even compared to the recent past. So what gives? It's cheaper than being buried. Like they say, you can't take it with you (especially when there's none of it left to take.)

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6. I'm not sure what causes someone to call another person a rat. But I am sure, the rats are not to blame. In reality, rats are empathetic and altruistic and will risk it all to help another rat out of a trap. (And Ratatouille is one of the great family movies of all time).

7. We text, we call, we dvd, we rage, and we drove a cool 3 trillion miles last year ... and yet, U.S. traffic fatalities have hit their lowest mark since 1949

8. Ripping another storyline from headlines, Law & Order: SVU crews built a set to look like the camps used by Occupy Wall Streeters. Then protesters occupied it. Come on now. Don't mess with TV.

9. This sandwich doesn't taste bad. Especially considering that it's two years old.

10. Will Ferrell is doing free commercials for Old Milwaukee, but they only show up in Iowa. And here.

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