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In Michigan, Dams Plus Climate Change Equals a Disastrous Mix

Two dam failures in Michigan are underscoring warnings by scientists that global warming is causing heavier and more frequent rainstorms in many parts of the country, including the upper Midwest. When paired with the nation's aging infrastructure, which wasn't designed to handle the warming climate, safety officials say it makes for a dangerous combination.

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New York’s Use of Landmark Climate Law Could Resound in Other States

New York's decision to deny a key permit to the Williams Pipeline, in part because of the state's climate law, is turning heads in the legal community over what they say is a turning point for the state's energy economy, with potentially broader implications nationwide. Already, some activists are trying to use the decision to stop other pipelines in New York from moving forward.

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Federal Scientists Predict ‘Busy’ Atlantic Hurricane Season Amid Virus Crisis

The coming Atlantic hurricane season is "expected to be a busy one," with the likelihood of as many as 19 named storms, including as many as six major hurricanes, a federal weather scientist said Thursday. That worrisome forecast could be further complicated by the coronavirus pandemic, which is hobbling relief agencies and could turn evacuation shelters into disease hot spots.

(The New York Times)

BLM Wants Oil and Gas Operators to Set Their Own Royalty Rates for Public Lands Drilling

A top official at the Bureau of Land Management instructed state offices to allow oil and gas operators to set their own rates for the royalties they pay the government when they lease public lands for drilling, according to an internal email obtained by High Country News. The directive is the latest evidence of the Trump administration using the pandemic to justify bolstering the industry.

(High Country News)

This Houston Nonprofit Is Paying Coastal Landowners To Store CO2 in Their Marshes

Texas Coastal Exchange, a Houston nonprofit, is paying local landowners to help fight climate change by storing carbon dioxide on their property. The nonprofit awarded grants to property owners to conserve the coastal marshlands they own as opposed to developing it, allowing the land to continue naturally sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

(Houston Public Media)

China Drops Key Environmental Target as Coronavirus Hits Growth

Citing the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, China is dropping plans to maintain a key measurement on energy conservation that is used to mark the country's progress in the fight against climate change, Bloomberg reports. The measurement of energy consumption per unit of GDP has guided China's climate policy since 2014.


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