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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Plunge in Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

After growing at the rate of 1 percent per year in the last decade, daily emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide suddenly plunged by as much as 17 percent globally in early April as the world responded to the Covid-19 pandemic, a new study shows. It's the biggest single annual decline since World War II, but remains a drop in the bucket in the grander scheme of climate change, scientists warn.

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EPA Leadership Is Interfering With Science, According Watchdog Survey of Agency Employees

More than 250 employees at the EPA have worried about managers or senior leaders at the agency interfering with science, with hundreds more saying they've experienced potential violations of the agency's scientific integrity policy, a survey from the Office of the Inspector General found. Over half of those surveyed also believed leadership isn't transparent in decision-making.

(The Hill)

Inside Clean Energy: Here’s How Covid-19 Is Affecting The Biggest Source of Clean Energy Jobs

The largest source of clean energy jobs isn't wind and solar power, it's energy efficiency, and those jobs are vanishing because of the coronavirus. Of the nearly 600,000 clean energy jobs lost since the pandemic hit, 70 percent were in energy efficiency work. Dan Gearino covers the significance of that, and more, in the latest Inside Clean Energy.

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Oil Services Firm Under Federal Investigation Received $6.8 Million in Coronavirus Aid

A Houston-based company that maps underground pockets of oil and gas, and is under investigation by the SEC and Justice Department for financial wrongdoing, has received a $6.8 million loan meant for small businesses hammered by the coronavirus pandemic, The Washington Post reports. The fund has been criticized for favoring the fossil fuel industry and prioritizing larger companies.

(The Washington Post)

The Groups Urging States to Reopen Have Historic Ties to Fossil Fuel Industry

Dozens of individuals and groups urging states to reopen amid the Covid-19 pandemic have historical financial ties to fossil fuel companies and conservative billionaires who have invested in climate disinformation, The Guardian reports. Those bankrolling campaigns criticizing stay-at-home orders include Murray Energy, Exxon, as well as the Koch and Mercer family foundations.

(The Guardian)

World’s Greenest Coronavirus Recovery Package Arriving in Europe

The European Union is poised to announce the world's greenest recovery package next week, as it seeks to curb pollution and save its economy from the coronavirus pandemic, Bloomberg reports. The drafted stimulus plan shows the European Commission committing over 100 billion euros to green initiatives, including increasing electric vehicle sales and spurring renewable energy development.


Cyclone Amphan Kills at Least 82 in India and Bangladesh, Causes Widespread Flooding

The most powerful cyclone to strike eastern India and Bangladesh in over a decade killed at least 82 people, officials said, as rescue teams scoured devastated coastal villages. Climate change is increasing the frequency of the most destructive tropical storms, our own reporting found.


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