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Adhoc Reports

We've been very busy in the background creating lots more How To... documents on the reports that are requested the most frequently.  Here are the direct links to the PDF documents for each type of report:-

Adhoc Report - CLI Search (looking at incoming calls)
Adhoc Report - Cost Between (looking at calls with costs between two parameters)
Adhoc Report - Dialled Number Search (looking at outgoing calls to a dialled number)
Adhoc Report - Duration Between (looking at calls with durations between two parameters)
Adhoc Report - Extension Matches (looking at calls from certain extension(s))

These How To... sheets talk through the complete setting up of a new report but using the quick filters to narrow down your search.

These can all be found within the RETRIEVER Support Blog under the REPORTS Section.

Quick Filters

The training team have been working on an overview of what Quick Filters are and how best to use them, including a comprehensive list on all the filters that are available.

The How to Sheet... can be found within the RETRIEVER Support Blog under Filters > Quick Filters.  If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to call or email us.

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Support Blog

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If there is a specific How To... that you need to make your life easier, just email us with any requests.

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