Issue 53, December 2015, London

Hello there...

I think we all need a hug.

Globally the world is on fire, and emotionally many of us may be feeling somewhat drained. As the holiday season approaches, it may seem like a cliche but I absolutely believe in the therapeutic effects of reflection and thankfulness.

I know some of you may be personally impacted by what's going on in Paris and Brussels and that many of us are feeling frustration at the waste and anger that's permeating through the world. But what we cannot change in the big scope, we can mitigate in the individual sense.

We can continue to lead meaningful and contented lives. We can work towards instilling a calmness in our minds. We can be polite and friendly to those around us, and the domino effect will continue so that it will come full circle back to ourselves. 

This month I'm not going to write about how Chinese herbs can help with emotional imbalances or how acupuncture can help when you're feeling overwhelmed. I will leave that for another time, instead I will leave you with this thought I learned from my six months of baby watching.

Kaiyang always has the brightest, cheery smile every single morning, rain or shine. At six months, the wonder of being suddenly awake after a deep slumber is starting to wear off and she's more delighted in the world around her being almost as she had left it before she last closed her eyes. She doesn't really move in her first waking moments, maybe a little bit of head turns, she's concentrating on drinking it all in with her eyes. And then after about ten minutes or so, possibly a decade in her young mind, she does the most humongous stretch, lifting her arms and fingers as far above her head as she can go. And in that super satisfying stretch she gives out the gummiest grin ever. 

This is something we all used to do, and possibly something that some of you still do, but it is definitely something that many of us have forgotten in the grown up world of snooze buttons and deadlines, rushed breakfasts and commutes. 

Let's try to bring some baby-like wonder into our lives and always try to see the boring and mundane with new eyes. Let's try to bring back the colour.

The politics of grief

During times of public shock and grief, there is always the dilemma of why does one traumatic event get more coverage and compassion than another one? Researcher and humanitarian practioner Roxanne Krystalli writes a beautifully warm essay about this very idea: Brief tricolored reflection on the politics of grief.

The man who tried to weigh a soul

The idea of a soul has always been a matter of debate, especially among scientists. Here is a lovely article about a doctor who tried to weigh the soul.

The future of medicine is food

Finally conventional medicine is understanding the significance of food being a patient's first weapon in an arsenal of prevention. Just as Chinese medicine is anchored in food and nutrition, including herbs, as the mainstay of health and wellbeing, so conventional medicine is also moving away from just nutrition as just an abstract concept. At Tulane University School of Medicine in Louisiana, medical students are learning how to cook.

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Reviews and Views

Spotted in March (but I only found out about it last month when a client pointed it out to me - I had no idea!:
The Glass Magazine
"Another way to help the body “rebalance” is through acupuncture – Ka Hang Leoungk is renowned in her field, with a cheerful, approachable personality that is enough to relax you in itself. A main component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is like having a regular body MOT, working on particular pressure points to release energy blockages and rebalance your “qi” (energy).Read more

Other News: Give the gift of wellness

A Pointspace gift voucher is a great present to give (and receive if you hint to the right person). A beautifully restorative treatment, the recipient can choose to have their session at either The Hale Clinic or Neal's Yard Remedies, King's Road. Beautifully enveloped, you can choose from a range of designs. More info here or contact me to purchase.

And finally...

Have a safe and peaceful December!

Ka Hang Leoungk
Managing Editor, Pointspace

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