Issue 50, September 2015, London

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After the freshness of spring and the long days of the summer, September is like the final stretch of the marathon. It has a completely different feel to the other times of the year: it beckons the end of one season but is still warm and bright enough to ease us into the beginning of autumn without plunging us into the darkness of the winter months.

For me, September is a wonderful time to enjoy the last of the Indian summer (which appears to be inevitable in London) and also anticipate the crisp, red leaves that will pop out by the month’s end. It is also a wonderful time to organise yourself, physically and mentally before the madness of the final quarter of the year.
1.  If you’re due for a check up, get an eye test and visit the dentist. Your eyes and teeth are with you for life, so knowing that they are all fine always gives you peace of mind.
2.  De-clutter your home. Who says you can only spring clean once a year? See what you have in your wardrobe and cupboards that you haven’t used for over a year and give it away. Making space allows you to fully appreciate what you have kept and also means you can then make way for new purchases.
3.  In this age of digital everything, it can be easy to save everything but keep nothing. Choose ten favourite photos you’ve taken over the past year and actually print them out on good old fashion paper. There is something special about being able to physically hold an image, just like our grandmothers used to do. You could display them in frames but I prefer organising them in an actual photo album. I find it a wonderful way to spend a “slow” day and it also gives me a reason to visit Paperchase.
4.  Inevitably everyone eats better in the summer. There’s something about dining al-fresco which prevents us from consuming vast amounts of stodge – even the afternoon teas tend to serve lighter fare. Carry this healthiness over into September and all the way through the later months. Focus less on super foods and more on colours and textures.
5.  Flu season is around the corner so prepare your system with propolis or daily doses of Echinacea. Chai tea or cinnamon is perfect for those windy days where you feel under the weather or if you’ve been caught in the drizzle.

How a quick glimpse of nature can make you more productive

Seeing some nature can improve your mood and even increase your productivity. And, according to a recent study, that holds true even if you just glance at nature for a few seconds

Turmeric can't do a thing for you without these other foods

Finally! An article that doesn't just list the benefits of one particular substance - it talks about needing other things with it in order to get its full benefits. This is the fundamental principle of working with Chinese herbs and nutrition: one ingredient's function can be modified or enhanced depending on what it's combined with.

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Survey: Sunday appointments

Would Sunday appointments work for you? If enough people are interested, that might be an option in the future, so please let me know what you think.

Other News: Back in clinic from 9 September

I will be back in clinic from Wednesday, 9 September. To book your appointment for acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture or facial massage, please contact me or call the location directly:
  • The Hale Clinic 020 7631 0156
  • Neal’s Yard Remedies at King’s Road 020 7225 2050

And Finally...

A client told me about this wonderful analogy to describe the frazzle of stress, as told by a child: “Imagine a jar of glitter that’s been shaken, you just need to give it a while and then it will settle down again.” Thanks for sharing, Viola!

Ka Hang Leoungk
Managing Editor, Pointspace

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