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I can't believe I'm writing the December Newsletter, where has the year gone? This month should be quite a busy month with many of us spending time with family and friends, or taking advantage of the time off for a nice little break somewhere. Whatever your plans remember to have fun and stay safe.

Three things to remember this holiday season

Up high on his mountaintop home, the Grinch is the iconic character by Dr Seuss who hated the happy Christmas celebrations by the inhabitants of the village below. The Grinch is the perfect example of social isolation, and like many people have discovered, you don’t have to be physically alone to feel lonely.
A study showed that people with an acute sense of loneliness appear to have a reduced response to things that make most people happy. Like many things in life, this feeling is cumulative, after all the Grinch didn’t become grumpy overnight.
December brings along the festivities of the holiday season with Christmas and the end-of-year (or beginning-of-year depending on your point of view) celebrations. As children we were all extremely excited by this time of year but sometimes the magic does wear off somewhat.
Perhaps it’s due to the stresses of modern day living: work, relationships, health, that rude stranger from this morning. Or it may be because of the time of year: the short days, the long nights, the Christmas decorations up since October, the ongoing dinners and drinks with friends and colleagues.
Either way it is a lot easier to feel a little out of sorts during this time of year and it becomes amplified because we see all these versions of happy times everywhere, in shop windows, magazines, on TV. It’s important to be aware and mindful of your surroundings and therefore it’s equally as important to pay attention to your mind and body.
Keep these thoughts in mind:
Share your festive treats. If you’re given a lovely box of sweet goodies share them with your colleagues. Spread the sweetness rather than having it all yourself. You’ll feel much better for it.
Don’t overindulge, your spleen will thank you for it. Whether it’s office party drinks or Christmas dinner, it is ridiculously easy to go overboard around this time. Be strong and eat consciously.
Connect with others. Sometimes with Facebook and smartphones it can feel al little lonely even with all the buzz everywhere. Celebrate the human connections in your life.

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Battling the bulge this holiday season

Many of us succumb to comfort food when the winter rolls along, and holiday parties can be a very tempting time to throw healthy eating out the window. Deborah Balfanz, PhD, who teaches a weight management class for the Health Improvement Program at Stanford, has some tips to keep things in check over the next few weeks:

"One way to indulge 'with purpose' is to make sure you don’t show up to a party starving. You know you’re not supposed to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. The same is true for parties. Many people make the mistake of “saving up their calories” for the party. But that plan backfires because when we’re ravenous; our self-control goes out the window and we consume way too many calories. Instead, consider eating a healthy snack before going to a party, such as yogurt mixed with high fiber cereal, or some low-fat cheese with fruit. Once you’re at the party, instead of going on “auto pilot” and digging into every dish, do a quick survey of the treats. Of the less healthy dishes, select two or three you really want to try. (For me, it’s deviled eggs!) For the rest of the meal, stick to healthier options, such as crudité, fresh fruit, salads, and lean meats.
To help ensure that there is a healthier food option, volunteer to bring some food to a party. Fresh veggies with a low-fat dip, fresh fruit, low-fat cheese and multi-grain crackers, whole wheat pita and hummus, or chilled shrimp are all healthy, easy-to-prepare options. And you know that the party host will appreciate it."
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Other news: Christmas holiday appointments availability

I will be available for appointments up until Saturday, 22 December 2012. There is limited availability on:
Friday, December 28th
Saturday, December 29th
Friday, January 4th
Saturday, January 5th.

Normal office hours resume from the week of 7 January 2013. Please call The Hale Clinic 020 7631 0156 to book your appointment.

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Every frame in this video is a photograph taken from the International Space Station.  Watch this video for a very beautiful tribute to our wonderful planet, it's truly breathtaking.

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Happy holidays!
Ka Hang

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