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As I write this, it doesn’t look (or feel) like we’re officially in spring. Whatever the weather has in mind, we should still prepare ourselves for the arrival of spring.


Spring and traditional Chinese medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) spring is the season of growth, movement and the re-emergence of yang after a season of hibernation. With warmer weather approaching, qi and blood flows smoothly and freely in the body and towards the surface of the skin.
The difficulty here is straddling the unpredictable weather and not abandoning the scarves and jackets at the first sign of sunshine. As in autumn, wind is quite prevalent during this time, so wear a scarf or cover your neck to protect yourself. Discomfort or illness can come along like a gust of wind with quick onset. You may experience a cold or sore throat overnight accompanied with headaches, eye aches or aches and chills. The best way to deal with this is to try and just have a full day’s rest or an early night and you may find that the recovery period is quite smooth and quick.

The UK spring means we may experience sun, rain, wind, cold all in a very short space of time. Layer well and if you’ve been caught out in chilly and damp conditions, warm up with a nice hot shower and a cup of chai tea.
To balance the beginning before the warmth fully set in, incorporate spring onions and ginger into your cooking. Focus on mildly warming food that support the body and help promote movement of qi such as fennel and rice. Now is the time to reintroduce a little more raw foods, salads and sprouts as you move away from stews and casseroles. Remember, raw foods don’t mean cold foods – you can try juicing and tuck in to all the lovely green vegetables that will be in season now.
Spring is a much better time to put forward any changes now that the cobwebs of winter are being dusted off. Stopping smoking or changing your eating habits are much easier to do now than in January. Try something new or refocus your energy on a goal that you may have let slip to the side. Re-engage with the outdoors by having a stroll in the park or just walking to the shops rather than driving.
Just as you would spring clean your home now is also a good time to dream and plan for what you want in your life. Think about things you want to rid (physically or mentally) and do it! Organising during this time of year gives it a great sense of adventure – it’s no coincidence that many high school teachers prepare their students for university decisions during these months. Have a moment and think about what you would like to change.
Take care of yourself. Some people have a tendency to give it their all when spring comes around and then overtax themselves. Just remind yourself (because you do know yourself best) that you don’t have to take on the new hobby and marathon training and start that new class just because it’s the season of birth and growth. In the same token if you feel like you do have a little more to give then definitely go for it.
Have a maintenance acupuncture tune-up. Even if you only have acupuncture a few times a year, a new season is a great reminder to have one to help rebalance little niggles, address existing issues or adjust your body with the outside environment.
Embrace the world of growth all around. Turn your face to the sun, smile and laugh out loud. Notice the plants and flowers everywhere, the buds bursting into leaves and let yourself go.

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Add some calming colour to your home or work area. Green is a wonderful colour – lively, radiant and lush. It’s acknowledged as a colour that enhances our sense of wellbeing, balance and harmony. It can be a photo, a glass vase or a cushion although my favourite is a plant. Try something with dark green leaves like a bonsai ginseng, citrus plant or lemon balm.

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