August / September 2011 - No.13
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Walk Lightly, Walk in Truth
Kia Ora <<First Name>>,
Nature invites you to tread lightly upon the earth, experiencing her rhythm, hearing the language she speaks. A simple walk taken through the forests of our land brings the language she speaks accessible to your senses; the earthy aroma, the countless shades of green, the quiet stillness, and the powerful presence of the trees. Trees are our link to the language the mother speaks.

What are these ancient beings telling us? The mighty Lords of the forests of Aotearoa - Kahikatea, Matai, Totara, Kauri, Maire, Miro and Rimu are the ancient trees that have stepped forward to make up the First Light Tree Essences Collection. They come from an ancient world and bring with them the pure vibration of truth. 
tread lightly
The seven Tree Essences are extraordinarily effective in helping to bring the chakras into correct alignment. Many of you have been formally introduced to these seven Tree Essences through the First Light Flower Essences workshops and recognise their unlimited potential to assist a person to discover their truth, power and wellbeing.  Wellness is a natural expression of truth.

There is a continuous stream of correspondence from people from all over the world saying how much joy they get from working with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand and seeing the results they achieve. Thank you for choosing to work with the essences on yourselves and with others. It is having a profound impact on the entire planet and the consciousness of everyone who lives upon it.

We have been very busy working to bring the new Medicine Woman website online and it is expected to be live this month. There are a number of exciting features on the website that you won’t find anywhere else, making it a totally unique experience online. The Medicine Woman website offers a highly accessible gateway to the Medicine Woman programs, products and pathways made available for the discerning spiritual seeker. Keep an eye out this month for the official launch!

The growing interest in the sweat lodge offered at the Medicine Woman Healers and Shamanic Residential Retreat this year at Tauhara has meant creating a bigger lodge to accommodate as many people as possible. An authentic sweat lodge is an intense experience and is traditionally viewed as a giveaway of ourselves to purify body mind and spirit. There are still just a limited number of places left in the four planned sweat lodges so please ensure you book early to reserve your space.

May you tread lightly upon this earth.

With much Aroha,

Franchelle Ofsosk—ź-Wyber and Tony Wyber

Latest News
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Upcoming Courses and Events for August and September 2012

Rite of the Six Moons©                                        intake August 18  enrol online
Medicine Woman Apprenticeship                      intake August 18  enrol online
Rite of the Six Moons©                                           intake Sept 16  enrol online
Medicine Woman Apprenticeship                          intake Sept 16  enrol online
2012 Medicine Woman Workshop, Retreat and                          enrol healers
   Annual Gathering with Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber                 enrol shamanic   

                                                                                                         enrol one day
16th - 22nd November     
NEW PLYMOUTH - Laura Jane Bowers
FLOWERS NZNFE 101 & 102          August 11-12              email to enrol Laura

FORREST HILL - Lesley Lydford-King
FERNS  NZNFE 103 & 104              September 1-2           email to enrol Lesley
KAWAKA Wednesdays          1st Wed of each month 7-9pm        email Lesley

FLOWERS  NZNFE 101 & 102        September 1-2           email to enrol Astrea

HAMILTON - Gill Williamson
SEEDS   NZNFE 107 & 108              September 8-9                email to enrol Gill

TAURANGA - Lesley Lydford-King
SEEDS  NZNFE 107 & 108              September 15-16        email to enrol Lesley

CARTERTON - Astrea Morgane
SEEDS  NZNFE 107 & 108             September 29-30         email to enrol Astrea



NELSON - Ana Dorrington
 TREES  NZNFE 105 & 106             August 4-5                      email to enrol Ana
 SEEDS  NZNFE 107 & 108           September 22-23             email to enrol Ana

  SEEDS  NZNFE 107 & 108            August 25-26                    email to enrol Kay


JAPAN - Minako Hama
     TREES  NZNFE 105 & 106             August 18-19               email to enrol Minako
      FLOWERS  NZNFE 101 & 102     September 22-23          email to enrol Minako


New Cards Available
new cards
16 new, beautifully illustrated, full colour First Light Flower Essences cards have just been released. Now you can complete your deck of either the small sized or large sized cards by adding to it No's 129 to 144 - Fern Allies and Sacred Mountain Grasses.   The larger cards (measuring 120mm x 80mm) are $18.00 and the smaller cards (measuring 100mm x 40mm) are just $15.00.  Each set of 16 cards comes sealed in a plastic bag and can be ordered online. Purchase online.

Nelson Ferns
FLFENZ Fern Workshop in Nelson with Ana (10/06/12)
Linking in to the Fern Essences with Ana's enlarged versions of the First Light cards

Christchurch June
FLFENZ Tree Workshop in Christchurch with Kay (17/06/12)
Students enjoyed an empowering weekend learning about the Tree Essences.

FLFENZ Tree Workshop in Devonport with Franchelle and Tony (23/06/12)
49 new students, repeating students and practitioners filling the Devonia Hall to the brim!

First Light You Tube Channel    
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® has a number of videos that you may be interested in viewing on our You Tube channel.  Below are three videos that you can click on to take you to You Tube.  Rose shares her song which links into the Oneness; Franchelle scries the sacred waters at Prana 2011; Max Dulumunmun Harrison talks with Franchelle about 'What is Sacred'. You can also find the You Tube link at the bottom of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® website.  

Dr. Rose Pere                             Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber         Max Dulumunmun Harrison

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Congratulations Jeanette!
Jeanette Shearer (Auckland, NZ)  
-  Dip. NZNFE  &  Cert. NZNFE

For more information about becoming a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner see certificate qualification criteria and diploma qualification criteria.
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No.44 Kahikatea
No.44 Kahikatea
No.44 Kahikatea brings the gift of structure and stability. Kahikatea appeared on the Earth about 110 million years ago and is one of the 7 mighty Lords of the Forest that stand forth to balance and strengthen the 7 chakras. Kahikatea holds the blueprint of perfection for the base chakra. It is our tallest native tree and teaches us... Read More
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Picking the Right Pet Food
pet feeding
It can be confusing trying to choose the best diet for your animal companions today because of the high level of advertising and availability of convenient and commercially processed foods. You may not even consider that a change in diet and nutrition may be beneficial for the animals in your care until a sign of ill-health or a behavioural issue presents itself. Read More
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Honouring Our Earthliness
root vegetables
Staying connected and grounded within in our physical bodies is essential for our health and wellbeing. Being connected with the physical realm is important if we want to make things happen in our lives be it preparing a meal or making a trip overseas- in order for these things to be made manifest, we must physically carry them out.  Our bodies, by their very nature... Read More
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Maintaining Stability Through the Ups, Downs and Chaos!
busy kitchen
It is not a matter of if, but when a personal event will appear in our family lives as the stressors of 21st living present themselves. These challenges and hurdles we are presented with can bring valuable learning for us, however if given the opportunity they may present much instability to the family unit. This may express in a variety of ways. I often observe this as emotional changes as children... Read More

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