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This month we're ironing out what it takes to build better sperm.  Step one, you have to get moving to ensure you're creating sperm studs, not spuds and you need to let the boys out to play, woof woof. When you're pumping iron, make sure you're beefing up.  You may need to turn down that iron pumping, install a red robot or hire a vampire to protect yourself from health troubles associated with too many irons. And make sure that the eye and the stomach, iron out their differences, to avoid kilogram expansion.

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Sedentary living is creating sperm spuds, not studs
Sperm lifiting weightsYou wouldn’t consider running a marathon without a little training, but this is effectively what you’re asking your little guys to do.  Sperm are swimming the race of their lives.  It takes stamina and strength (and a good sense of direction),  to reach the egg princess at all, never mind be there first.

Modern day sperm seem to be struggling.  Study after study, suggests that sperm quality is declining, contributing to fertility woes,  for more and more couples.
Now to be fair – it is tough out there.   Dangerous chemicals and things,  lurk round every corner.  Sperm are vulnerable.  But, research from the University of Cordoba, suggests one of the things contributing to dud sperm, is sedentary living.  It seems if you’re spending too much time on the couch, by association, so are your sperm.  And sperm that are lounging around on the couch are spuds, not studs
Researchers from the University of Cordoba, reached this conclusion after they analyzed sperm gathered from 31 healthy men.   Read more....

The team found that men who were out and about strutting their stuff, for the most part produced better sperm.  So if you want to produce studs – get off that couch and give your little guys a bit of a workout.
Moving a little more, probably won’t make you skinny, but getting off the couch is still an excellent health move............  you’ll be getting a pretty good two for one deal, which will help create an army of a little studs.
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Let the boys out – woof, woof
Let the boys outFor men trying to “get” their lady pregnant.....  the emphasis is usually on letting lots of “boys” out,  at just the right moment.
Fertility experts, typically advise a little abstinence for a few days, before an attempt to conceive, whether it be natural or through the help of assisted reproduction.  
Intuitively the advice makes lots of sense. 
Getting  pregnant boils down to a numbers game – the more sperm leaving the starting block, the better the odds one of them will reach the beautiful princess in the tower.......
And, make magic.
But, getting there requires speed and form, something that is often missing in those struggling with infertility.  DNA Fragmentation index (DFI), is one way to assess sperm quality, a high number indicates poor quality sperm.  The secret to producing “better quality” sperm i.e. sperm with lower DFI scores – is letting the boys out, OFTEN.  Dr Greening and his team, found men making lots of whoopee, produced better quality sperm.   Read more.....
Yes, as expected....  the volume of semen and the number of sperm did decline.  But the sperm leaving the station, were more capable of winning the race.  And it only takes one !
Trying to get the timing  just “right”, puts stress on more than just the humans involved, it stresses out the sperm.

So don’t be afraid to let the boys out during ovulation week.  And if you’re getting a little assistance from science, practice a little at home, before the big day............ it will improve the quality of your boys. 
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Need a little help building better sperm
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Beefing Up those muscles requires eating more beef
Meat building muscleBeing able to age gracefully is a motivator to “live healthy” now.   So what does it take to “age” gracefully.  In a word...... MUSCLE.
As the years pass, muscle mass declines.  Fighting this systematic disappearance, should be a priority.
The first way to preserve muscle mass, is simply to use it.  Read more...  But, the maintenance work, requires that the muscle have access to suitable building materials.  For muscles, this means they  need an adequate supply of quality protein.

So Bodybuilding 101 boils down to move more and eat more protein.   Research from the Exercise Metabolism Research Group at McMaster University, suggests current guidelines for protein consumption are missing the mark, leaving older individuals  short changed.  Oops.  Read more....
When it comes to eating “healthy”, our attention is always focused on fats and carbs, the body’s primary fuel sources.  Now to be fair, if you don’t have enough energy............... you won’t be building much.  But, the first step is to provide the bricks and mortar for the labour force to build with. 
Healthy eating is all about BALANCE.   A good rule of thumb – obey the rule of thirds, at every meal.    And don’t be afraid of eating a little more protein, odds are you need it, bodybuilding is not just for the young.  
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Turning down an iron pump - irons out diabetes
The pancreas rustingEpidemiological and genetic studies, have fingered iron levels, as a contributing factor to type 2 diabetes.
Danish researchers think they may have discovered the chemistry behind the diabetes-iron association.
It all begins with inflammation..................
The inflammation signals the beta cells to take up more iron.  But the beta cells run into trouble because the iron produces too many oxygen radicals, leading to oxidative stress.   Beta cells end up damaged.  As more and more damage ensues, the cells stop functioning optimally.... 
Because fewer beta cells are pumping out insulin,  not enough is produced to meet the body’s needs............ sugar levels begin rising, culminating in a diagnosis of diabetes.  Read more.....
Lessons for the pre-diabetic  / diabetic ?
Work on diminishing the levels of inflammation in your body.  I know, it is probably easier said than done....  Getting the 7 Big Spoons sorted is always a good place to start.

7 big spoons

If you’re carrying lots of extra pounds around with you, lose a little weight – unhappy fat cells are creating lots of inflammation, which primes that pump.  And don’t inadvertently turn up the iron pump, by taking UNNECESSARY iron supplements.
Iron supplements can be life saving, WHEN YOU NEED THEM, but can cause unexpected harm, when you don’t.   
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If you want to stop brain rust – install a red robot
The red robot leavingMen are more efficient than women, in gathering iron.  Men are also more susceptible to lifestyle diseases.   Researchers from UCLA have been able to show, women are protected by menstruation-associated blood loss. Read more.....
Squeezing out excess iron, is something that Mother Nature routinely does in premenopausal women..... the monthly RED ROBOT.  But once estrogen leaves, whether it is on her own accord or a forced removal (hysterectomy),  women start needing a little help squeezing it out..
Men,  need help from the get go. If you want to avoid rusty bits – consider taking a page from Mother Nature’s book –bleed a little on a regular basis. A rather simple way to do this ............ is to become a regular blood donor. 
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Suffering from high blood pressure – you need a vampire ?
Vampire sucking sugar out An encounter with ANY vampire -  is a chilling prospect !
Countless tales exist of encounters with these vampires. A lot of the time,  these stories take place in the middle of the night, in BIG castles ........... and  involve shadows flitting through the air, preying on unsuspecting “victims”.  
Fear, terror, trauma.  A situation to be avoided at ALL COSTS.
But............ B-I-G vampires operate in the day too.  They frequent shopping malls, workplaces and schools. 
They too are associated with fear, terror, trauma..........But these daytime vampires, are not draining your precious life force.......... but sharing this cherished gift of life, with another.  The victim of some terror, either an accident, surgery or disease.
The act of donating blood is viewed as altruism, but the funny thing about random acts of kindness.......... they have a habit of coming back.  Blood letting gives back.  And we’re not talking about giving back with the warm fuzzy feeling, that you’ve SAVED the life of a nameless stranger.
It actually serves the giver, directly.  Read how donating blood can bring down your blood pressure as effectively as those  expensive anti-hypertensive drugs.
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Health problem ? 
There is more to health than eating less and exercising more.   Discover how small lifestyle changes can improve your health, so you  create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY.
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Maybe it’s time to invest in appetite suppressing glasses
Stomach and eye disagreeingYou’re “watching” what you eat.  You have to... an extra kilogram, or two can attach itself to your hips remarkably quickly.  And then NEVER leave ! 
But who is watching who ?    Using a little trickery, researchers from Bristol University have discovered your eyes are big contributors to your “hunger” conversations.  Read more....
The team discovered the eyes are dictating hunger.  THE EYES, not the stomach. So if you’re watching what you eat -  WATCH OUT.   Your eyes may be “watching”,  but their vigilance may not always serve you.  Read more....Maybe it is time to get glasses.  Change your view of your plate.

Make the amount of food on your plate look like MORE – by using  a smaller plate.  You are using a plate ? 

It might be chic and cool to have enormous plates on the table, but that helping of food disappears on the BIG plate.  The same serving on a small plate, ends up occupying the whole plate – which LOOKS like a lot more.

Your eyes will be IMPRESSED......

And because you’re wearing “appetite suppressing glasses” – you’ll be less hungry at your next meal.
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Lose weight ?

You need more than willpower to tame the sugar gremlin......  Enrol in our on line programme or attend a live event, and tame your sugar gremlin using biology, not psychology – so that the weight loss is for keeps.
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It is not your imagination a kilogram is not a kilogram anymore

The kilogram is getting heavierDo you feel like your scale is delusional at times ? 

I’m pretty sure  the scale at my gym, has a serious personality disorder.  And the trouble is, its unstable temperament, rubs off on all those who stand upon it.  It has a nasty habit of declaring that the occupant is heavier, even when there is no apparent evidence.

Giving your scale, the cold-shoulder, may be a little unfair.


Scales around the world are potentially in trouble, because researchers have just uncovered something deeply disturbing.


The kilogram is getting heavier.   Read more...So.....if your scale suggests you’ve put on weight – you are quite within your rights to question its opinion.  Just make sure you are keeping an eye on that number – losing an extra 10 kg is a lot harder than losing an extra 2.
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