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This week, we are discussing:

Do you really have an open mind?

Or are you seeking confirmation?

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Have you ever had an idea or been stuck on something and spoken to a friend, colleague or your coach about it. They listen and highlight a couple of things one of which you don't really like. It may be that your words and your actions are in conflict. This is often the case. You say you want to lose weight but don't go to the gym. You say you enjoy working for yourself but you don't make enough money to get by. You say you want to buy your own home but you spend everything you earn and more. Sound familiar? We all have things that we say we want but then we take steps to ensure we won't get them. Why?

Often it is as simple as they are the 'ideal' or they are someone elses dream. Most people expect that everyone wants to own their own home, be fit and healthy or work for themselves and be an entrepreneur like Steve Jobs or  Richard Branson. The truth is that wanting something and getting it are 2 very different things. There is a distinct difference between wanting and intention. And when you set an intention you also set a course of action that will have consequences. If you set an intention to lose 5 kilograms in the next 2 months, you have also set the consequences of the actions you take. If you believe it is possible chances are you will take the actions, make it happen and feel better for it;. If you don't believe it you might procrastinate, not take the action and make up excuses. 

Sometimes if we don't believe that something is possible for us we try to confirm our ideas by looking at the world around us. A psychological theory known as confirmation bias states that we seek to find things that confirm our ideas. One way is to talk about how impossible it is to get in to the housing market right now. Someone who doesn't believe they can buy a house will seek out others, either friends or often news stories that will confirm this idea. Likewise with business, someone who doesn't believe it is possible to be in business and succeed might quote the statistics of how many businesses fail. We are always seeking to confirm that which we truly believe. 

So let me ask you this. What is something you truly want but don't believe you can have? And how do you find ways to confirm that belief? Be truly open minded and honest with yourself. And then ask yourself 'what if I had a different belief?' and 'What if I find things that confirm that what I want is possible'.  Maybe nothing will change. Maybe it will. But what do you have to lose? I don't believe you have desires, wishes and goals without also having a way to get them. Go for it.

Try it out. 

have a great week.

Til next time



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