A funny thing happened when i was sorting out  my wardrobe...
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Are you organised or obsessive?


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A funny thing happened when I was cleaning out my wardrobe the other day. I had a couple of girlfriends over and they sat on my bed and drank champagne while I tried on everything to see what to keep and what to throw out. As I was putting things back in my wardrobe one of them commented that I was colour-coding my wardrobe. I mentioned that I hadn't really had it well organised for a while but prefer when I don't have to hunt through everything in there just to find that perfect top or pair of trousers. I also organise my CD's alphabetically and my books by category and author (no alphabetically though).

So, am I obsessive? I don't think so. I do like things to be a certain way but my main reason to do these things is so that I save time. I hate wasting time looking for things. So, if I know just where they are it is quicker, easier and just makes sense to me. 

I wasn't always like this. I used to just have things all over the place and could never seem to work out where that CD I wanted to listen to had gone, or where that favourite pair of jeans was. Now, I feel like in my late 40's I finally have some systems in place that support my busy life. 

So, what do you have that helps you keep on track and saves time. Here are a couple of rainy day ideas that may help you. 

Categorise clothes by colour and style - Saves time. It's also great if you can look and go - "I need a black jacket" or "I'm a bit short on long sleeved warm tops to go under pullovers and jackets" When your clothes are organised there is a sense of life being OK. When you have to hunt for them, well, it can seem kind of chaotic. 

CD"S - group them by genre or alphabetically by artist. Either way you can then decide you want to listen to some dance music or some classical and you don't get frustrated going through your entire music collection.  Some days are perfect for quiet chillout music and other days you need something loud with a great beat to get the housework done. Make it easy to find. 

Books - I find it easiest to group by topic. Non-fiction all together and fiction all together. That way if you want to read something about business, you can find them all together. If you just need a novel for a day on the couch, you know where they are too. Also handy if you want to loan a book to a friend in need. If you do loan books take a photo of the friend and the book so you know who has what. 

Office -- this is the one that I find more difficult. I now put all my receipts into files that have A-Z dividers in them. I used to do it by year but now I just keep adding till it is full. And at the end of each financial year I find the receipts I no longer need and get rid of them. So, if I'm looking for the phone I now know to look under my phone providers name and they are all there together. 

I hope this helps. Am I obsessed? Maybe. I think I might be obsessed with having more free time than any thing though. :-)

have a great week.

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