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This week, we are discussing:

What's on your not to do list?

does it need to be revised?

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Somethings are better left out of your life. 
Things like complaining, blaming, making excuses and telling lies. There is sometimes a lot of anxiety around christmas time. People start thinking about all the presents they have to buy, all the people they have to catch up with and this can mean we do things at this time of year that we don't usually do. 

Let's have a look at the big 4 that make life less than it could be. You might decide to cross them off your list too. 

We often complain because we are people pleasers. We say yes to everything, feel overhwelmed then complain and act like martyrs because of self imposed stress. 

We blame the weather, the family, the shops, the time of year, commercialism and materialism and our families when things don't go according to plan. 

Making excuses. 
We make excuses for ourselves and for others. We want to rescue people from the gossip that often goes on in gathertings such as ChristmasEaster and work Christmas parties. 

Telling lies
Saying a present was great when it isn't, saying it's fine you can do all the dishes yourself and telling people that you really enjoyed their company and can't wait to do it again, knowing full well that will be in 12 months time are just some of the lies we tell. 

So what does all this mean. Well, I don't suggest that you go and insult people.

I do suggest that you take a moment before you say yes to everything. Say yes to help with cooking, cleaning, shopping and anything else that makes your life easier. Say no to taking on more than you can handle, burning yourself out, cooking everything from scratch and overdoing it.  
If you can't say something nice, say nothing. 
Do not engage in gossip - leave the room or if it is at the table, be the one who says - 'it makes me uncomfortable when you gossip, please stop or I will leave'. And follow through. 
Often people behave badly because they are enabled by others. If no-one wants to engage in gossip it won't happen.

Be kind to yourself and others. And maybe think about creating your own traditions that support you.
Be honest, be kind, be responsible and be happier. (with yourself first and then with others.)
have a great week.

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