There is no such thing as someone who 'does it on their own'. We all have a team around us. Who's on your team?
This week, we are discussing:

Who is on your team?

And how well do you work together?

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You might sometimes hear a person speak of their own success and say 'I did it on my own'. Or it may look like a person has done things on their own with no support or help from others. This is one of those myths that we love to believe. We love to believe it for a few reasons.  We love a story of overcoming adversity or striving to be the best. In Australia we are particularly fond of the 'little aussie battler'. We are fond of those who struggle and overcome, until they do. Then society likes to cut them down. In Australia it is called 'the tall poppy syndrome', where we dislike those who have massive success or make up stories about why they have that and we don't. The truth is we can all overcome, we can all be successful. And none of us can do it alone. 

What is interesting though is that 'your team', that is the people you surround yourself with, will change as your journey progresses. Much as we might love all our friends, family and even our nearest and dearest, people grow and achieve at different rates. Based on different belief systems, ideas and values, people will either stay where they are or progress on to more abundance, more personal growth, more widespread views of the world and so the list goes on. In order to continue to grow and achieve success your team will change. Psychology studies have shown that generally you will be the average of your 3 best friends in terms of income, social standing and values. If you want a higher income you need to associate with people who have a higher income. If you want a more visible positive social standing, associate with those who have it. And if you want to be able to full live in your values, then start to associate with those who share your values. 

This doesn't mean that you dump your current team in search of new people to hang out with. It means that it may be a natural progression that if you are continuing on a path of success, further education, promotion, wealth, fitness, whatever you are wanting more of in your life, you will naturally attract and feel more and more comfortable with the people who have that. Likewise  if you don't desire those things and are happy to just stay where you are in life, you will be attracted to those with similar ambitions (or lack of).

So have a look at what you want to achieve. And have a look at who is on your team. Who can mentor you, coach you, encourage your and educate you? And spend more time to associate with those people. I'm not saying ditch your current friends, family or job. I'm just saying that success happens because of your associations.


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