As a new year dawns, there may be some harsh truths you dawn upon you too. One of them is that some of your friends are dreamstealers...
This week, we are discussing:

Who are your dream stealers?

And what do you do about them?

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This morning I went for breakfast at a local cafe near my new home. As I had breakfast and coffee there were two young women sitting near me. They hadn't seen each other for a while and were catching up on each other's news. The were at the table next to me and talking freely, so it was impossible to not hear there conversation. What struck me was how often friends can be the ones who try to steal our dreams, or at least shut them down. 

One of the women had been on an African safari. She recounted her adventures and it sounded exciting and scary. The other woman oohed and aah-ed and asked lots of questions and admitted while it sounded amazing and she wanted to go, she would be afraid in that environment. She then went to tell about her own adventures. She had a met a man, spent some 6 months with him and was considering moving to America to be with him. It was interesting to hear how the first woman tried to talk her out of it. She told her how dangerous it was, how risky, how she was too young consider something so big. 

As I thought about this I thought about people in my own life. Some have taken on great adventures and I have been the dubious one. Others have wondered what on earth I was thinking deciding to move across the country just because I felt like it. We are all guilty of either listening to others and doubting our own dreams or being the ones doing the doubting. We don't necessarily think the things we are doing are risky or 'big' in any way, but to others they can look daunting. Likewise the dreams and actions that others take can look risky to us.

For me 2014 will be a break out year. My best year yet. How do I know? Well, because I will make it so. Over the last 12 months or so I know I have pushed myself and grown a lot. This is partly because I stopped listening to those who questioned my dreams. I still love them I just don't listen to their stories about why what I am thinking of doing might not be a great idea. I also stopped believing my own inner voice that doubted. When planning this move there were times when I thought 'What am I doing?' Times when fear almost stopped me. And yet here I am. I know that people move much further than across the country and it always works out just fine. I know many people who have moved across the world and it enriches their lives. 

So, for 2014, my wish for you is this. Stop believing the dream stealers (whoever they are - yourself or others) and just go and put yourself out of your comfort zone. Get uncomfortable, get courageous, get going on creating a life that both excites and scares you. I know that if you read this newsletter then you are one of those who are dedicated to improving yourself on a daily basis. This is just one of those ways. Do something or start planning some thing today,that scares and excites you. That's what lets you know you are alive. 

happy 2014 xoxo

have a great week.

Til next time


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