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Defining value?

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As a small business owner, finances can at times be a great juggling act. And life can feel like a circus, a constant merry-go-round or carnival ride. I love what I do and so do my clients. However there have been times when I have almost felt guilty charging people for what I do because I love it. Coaching and training are a joy for me and if all my days were full of these activities I would be ecstatic all the time. Of course, they aren't full of these activities  There is admin work to be done, marketing, researching and designing new stuff (another love of mine) and meeting and networking with others.  And then there is all the everyday stuff too. The washing, shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. 

About a week ago while on my search for new ideas I came across a video by another coach. I can't even remember now who it was and wish that I had bookmarked the page. The thing that stuck out for me in the video was this idea. The idea that sometimes we may want to help someone so badly that we discount or give our services away to them  and that what we are actually doing then is devaluing them by making a decision that they are not capable of paying what we are asking before we have even asked them. 

Wow, I had never thought of things in that way before. And yet in many cultures bartering or 'getting a deal' is the custom.  And how does this work when we are purchasing goods or services from others? It got me thinking about global customs. Many Asian nations pass money over with both hands, which puts both parties in a slight bow, as a respect for the exchange occurring  In the USA and many other nations tipping is customary. Do you still tip if the service is bad? Or just tip less? Perhaps the culture we grow up in as well as our family of origin impact on how we think of the exchange of money for services. In Australia we have perhaps had a poorer mentality around money because the nation was colonised by convicts in the early days. And in Australia it's not a bad thing to be thought of as the 'little aussie battler'.

But what would happen if we started to really revere the exchange that happens. If we had a feeling of gratitude around what we receive and what we pay out. If we respected the exchange more than the money. What would happen if every financial exchange or interaction we thought of as our little bit to create and even more beautiful and sustainable home, world, workplace? Would be make different buying choices? Or selling choices?  

As usual I don't have the answers, I just love the raise the questions. I would encourage you to take notice of your relationship to financial transactions. If you have stories about money and either getting it or paying it out, it might be interesting to see how that works for you.And if you are fortunate enough to love what you do, stop feeling guilty about getting paid to do it. I know if I am going to a dentist, a mechanic, a surgeon or some other professional, I would pay even more to see the one who loved what they do. Chances are it's not 'just a job' to them.

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