Ever notice how the more you have to do, the easier it seems to get it all done? Most of the time anyway.
This week, we are discussing:

Getting back to basics?

And restoring sanity.

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As a small business owner I usually have a lot going on most of the time. If it isn't meetings, it's coaching appointments, training (either as student or facilitator), doing the admin that is required or trying to ensure that I actually have a life outside of the business. And that's without even thinking about domestic duties and still being a mum and friend. And most of the time I am pretty organised and it all runs smoothly. Thank god for technology right? Wrong!

I usually use my phone these days as my diary, along with my  computer. Most of the time they sync with each other and things are good. For the last couple of months though there have been a couple of glitches in this and it has caused either appointments to not transfer from phone to computer, or vice versa or to disappear altogether only to reappear later. I did think perhaps it was my phone (Apple) as friends with android didn't seem to have same issue. A week later though and some of them complained of the same. So, I have resorted to the basics. I now have a diary and a pen and everything goes in to that. And now I once again can manage everything and unless I lose my diary all is well again. 

I guess I just wanted to share that sometimes we can get so lost and excited by everything that we have available to us, that we forget that the basics work pretty well too. If you think of this in terms of  our relationships. How often do we forget the basics? Being polite, respectful, on time, even making time. These are the basics of relationships, whether they are business, personal or family ones. 

Just a short one this week. 

have a great week.

Til next time



A creative mind sees every pile of "junk" as a jigsaw puzzle. 

Steve Supple
As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else. 
Maya Angelou

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problems.

Mahatma Gandhi

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