REal security in life. What is it? Upcoming workshops. Food for thought.
This week, we are discussing:

What is real security?

And will getting it make you happy?

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When running workshops, particularly goal setting ones, when asked what they really want in life, many people will say security. Humans tend to have a strong need to feel safe and often get this mixed up with being secure.  What if the only true security in life came from knowing that every day you were going to take steps to make today better than yesterday, that you were going to do the work, on yourself and in the world, that helped you to be an even better version of yourself. It has been my experience that those people are the happiest. The people who are ok with a certain level of insecurity, or variety, or uncertainty, in their lives are the happiest. The people who have to have security, certainty and stability are more likely to feel a sense of panic when things don't work out that way. 

I am moving to Melbourne in the near future. I love the city, have many friends there and want to experience living somewhere else. I recently went over there to look at suburbs and houses. I have so many friends who already live there and caught up with one for lunch the day I was coming back. I asked her what made her move from Perth. She said - 'I wanted to get out of my confort zone. I found I always hung out with the same people, drove the same way to work, went to the same places and did the same things.' Now you don't have to move to another city to get out of your comfort zone but it's not a bad idea to experience the world 'out there'. 

Many trainers will say that growth and your dreams are just outside of your comfort zone. You know that if you want more out of your life you have to do something different. If you want more you have to do some things you are not already doing. I don't know what those things are for you but I do know that to get what you want, you have to continually expand your comfort zone. If you want a better job, you might have to go do some courses, if you want a better house, you will have to work out where, how much and how you will finance it. If you want a better relationship, you will have be be better at relationships. Relationships are one of the key areas where people get in to a comfort zone and it dies. 

It is often said if something isn't growing it is dying. In life it is the same. You will feel more alive the more uncertainty you have in life. Too much certainty will just make you bored. So get out there, do new things, meet new people, set new goals, have new experiences. It is the experiences and not the things that make you feel alive. When you get something you have worked for like a new car, or a piece of jewellery, you will feel happy. When you are a growing as a person, and feeling truly alive, that is called JOY. You've felt it before. Isn't it time you felt it again?

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“Tradition becomes our security, and when the mind is secure it is in decay.” 
Jiddu Krishnamurti
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