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Denise Lee Yohn - Brand as Business™ Brief

01.08.13 vol 053

Hello Friends and Colleagues!

Hot innovations in mobile commerce, green energy, education, and interactive entertainment will launch this year, but developments in digital health and fitness are the most likely to go mainstream.

Whether it’s a personal monitoring device or a healthcare app or even an electronic tattoo, you’ll probably be using some form of digital technology to improve your health or fitness by year’s end.  

Headlines like “Digital Health and Fitness Energizes the International CES” are promoting this week’s Consumer Electronics Show.   As I'm in Las Vegas to speak at the Sports and Fitness Tech Summit, check out my recommendations for the Seven Digital Health & Fitness Technologies to Keep Your Eye On.
I’ve also included The Right Stuff, a recent piece of mine from CE Vision magazine, about the combination of expertise needed to win in digital health.

Even if you’re not directly involved in these areas, my insights and information should provide inspiration to fuel any innovation. Please let me know what ideas they spark for you.


Like hot innovations in 2013 -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

Seven Digital Health & Fitness Technologies to Keep Your Eye On

The growth rate of digital health and fitness is staggering.  The digital health market is projected to skyrocket to $5.7 billion by 2015.  By 2016, there will be 300 million wireless sensor-based sports & fitness gadgets.  New technologies in digital health and fitness appear daily. 
To help you navigate this burgeoning space, learn about seven areas that seem to be growing the fastest and an example of a new development in each in this new article of mine.

Like hot innovations in 2013 -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

The Right Stuff

What does it take to win in digital health

Some would say you need to come from the healthcare industry in order to succeed in this new frontier; others argue it’s better to be from the technology-side.  But you really need expertise in both health and technology – and I would suggest you need to be an excellent consumer brand-builder as well.  It’s this combination of expertise – health + technology + consumer – that makes up The Right Stuff.

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Like hot innovations in 2013 -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

Service Spotlight:  "Brand As Business" Workshop

Is your brand more than a promise?  Make it a promise delivered.

The arrival of a new year presents the perfect occasion to get real traction for your brand.  If you’ve set a new brand direction but some stakeholders haven’t embraced it – or, internal teams struggle to understand their role in interpreting and reinforcing your brand – or, there’s a disconnect between your brand vision and the customer experience you deliver, you need a "Brand As Business" Workshop.

Book me to faciltate a focused worksession in which stakeholder groups develop clear, specific plans to drive how they operationalize your brand strategy.

Download an overview and contact me to learn how a "Brand As Business" Workshop will produce a more focused, aligned, and productive culture and “on brand” customer experiences for you.

Like hot innovations in 2013 -- a Denise Lee Yohn brand as business brief on Facebook

Discover how my other “brand as business” services help business leaders achieve their brand and business objectives.

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