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Dear <<First Name>>,
I'm often asked, "How do you make boring information, interesting?" The answer is to deliver it within a story. People love stories. Most people grew up listening to stories and understand that stories offer valuable teaching points about the big and little things in life. Help people understand data by relating it to a story. Best wishes Geraldine


In This May Issue:
  • Feature Article: "How To Turn Boring Into Compelling"
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"How To Turn Boring Into Compelling"
Tap Into Story Telling

Presenting The "Boring Talk"
Oh dear. It's your turn to present "the boring talk." Facts. Data. Process. Working Party Analysis. Procedure. Treasurer's Report. Policy Revision Announcements, again.

Your shoulders droop in anticipation of everyone's boredom, including your own. There goes that influential career, that great first impression...

But wait! It doesn't have to be like this!

You Can Wake People From Their Slumber
Facts, figures and data do not engage emotion or imagination. No picture is created when detailing complex data, procedural information and acronymic (yep I just made that up) jargon. This means your labouriously crafted fact filled presentation just sent people to sleep or at least necessitated a texting opportunity.

What do do? You need to create a story that demonstrates the relevance and meaning of your data that causes your listeners to care. When people care, they wake up, get engaged and take ownership of your ideas and recommendations. Stories create action!

Turn Boring Into Compelling
Information sharing allows you to make sense of the data.
Story sharing allows you to make connection with listeners.

Both are important and need to be mixed together. But remember, people remember feelings before facts. Set your data free and make it compelling by placing it within the context of a relevant, emotion filled, picture based, prop assisted, short story, metaphor or analogy.

This Is How To Do It
Step 1:
Choose your central message. Consider your data to be shared. Ask yourself, "What will make my listeners sit up and relate and then care enough to do something about it?" (Or if you were in the group - what would get your interest?)

Step 2:
Best fit - you must ensure the story is the best fit for the audience and the data. Any hint of flakiness or irrelevance will lose engagement.

Step 3:
Decide on structure - the conveyance vehicle in which to house your data. Does it best suit a simple analogy because you have only 3 minutes to speak? Is it a complex series of steps that would be better understood within in a story which has echoing steps? Do you need to give a warning? A tale of dire consequences of inaction may be best.

Step 4:
Craft a relevant short story - use sensory description to engage emotion and imagination. Then add dynamic movement and interesting props to make your data come alive with meaning and feeling. Don't assume listeners are silly - if you paint a clear picture they will work it out for themselves (and thus become more engaged.)

Step 5:
Never hurts to practise - don't memorise - just learn the essential bits. Keep in mind that if you are interested, you will be interesting.

Example: I Use This One All The Time... And It's A True Story
Dull Version 1:
Welcome to our annual talk on Manual Handling and Safe Lifting Practise In The Workplace. Take out your Procedural Manual and add these extra pages in - they are colour coded - yes I know there are 48 different colour codes... As you know it's important to maintain a safe workplace. Keep a look out for electrical cords you could trip over and faulty equipment...

Vibrant Version 2:
I've fallen off my bike, I'm 10 years old, a semi trailer is coming at me. Fast. Instead of keeping my eyes on the road, I had turned around to boss my brother about.

What I learned from that experience was the importance of paying attention and of keeping my bike in safe working order. My brakes you see, had failed and I knew it but hadn't bothered to do anything about it.... today I'm going to talk to you about the importance of keeping yourself safe in your workplace. My hope is that none of you will experience anything similar to what I did that day on the highway...

How To Work With Geraldine On Telling Your Story
Telling Your Story is easy with expert, objective help. Read the highlighted box below for a bit more info about this personal coaching program and click the link for even more info. If it's for you, contact Geraldine to schedule a coaching session via skype or phone or book her to run a workshop for your organisation.

© 2015, Geraldine Barkworth @ Goddess Of Public Speaking.

Spotlight On Coaching:  Telling Your Story
  • Do you need to tell your story and turn it into a powerful message?
  • Do you have to present "boring" information and want to make it compelling?
  • Do you want to learn the art of story telling?

Who Is "Telling Your Story" For?

Telling Your Story Coaching program is for people who need to share their personal story, or the story of how their service, business or a great idea came into being.

Boring or routine information can be brought to life by learning how to place it within the context of a well crafted story. Wake listeners up by showing how your data is relevant to them and inspire them to take action, rather than hit the snooze button.

Learn more about what Telling Your Story Includes and the Benefits... Contact Geraldine.

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