Tubbataha Surface by Gregg Yan

The Jewel of the Coral Triangle

25 years after Tubbataha was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO, the site stands as a stunning example of how a marine protected area can handle illegal fishing, funding shortfalls and other challenges -- and inspire others. READ MORE

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The Tubbataha Ranger Station, by Sophia Dedace, WWF-Philippines

Celebration: WWF Photo Exhibit Highlights Tubbataha Reef's 25 Years of Conservation

A manta ray glides by a diver silhouetted against an azure blue sea. A clownfish peeks through a curtain of sea anemones. A brown booby soars into the sky. Discover Tubbataha in 13 breathtaking images. READ MORE

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TRNP Ranger Station  (EAST)

High-Tech and Eco-Friendly: New Tubbataha Ranger Station to get facelift

Batman has his Batcave, Darth Vader had two Death Stars and Voltes V had Camp Big Falcon. For the rangers standing vigil over the Philippines’ top coral reef, home is the Tubbataha Ranger Station -- and it's just about to undergo a radical, eco-friendly facelift (including hydroponically-grown vegetables). READ MORE

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Min Long Yu Reef Damage by Gregg Yan

Reef Wreck: A Tale of Two Ships

Two shipwrecks that have obliterated thousands of square kilometres of reef are a reminder of the fragility of Tubbataha. READ MORE

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White-cheeked Surgeonfish (Acanthurus japonicus) by Gregg Yan

Nibbling Away: Surgeonfish Secret to Tubbataha's Recovery 

By mowing algae that appear on exposed rock, surgeonfish could be the key to allow coral larvae to resettle on the grounding scars left by recent ship groundings. But the process would still take decades says Gregg Yan. READ MORE

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Great Crested Terns

On Wings of Change: Up close and personal with Tubbataha's seabirds

Braving rain, lightning and guano, Gregg Yan meets Tubbatah's seabird rookery - the last refuge for many species in the region. READ MORE

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Oceans Seven

Oceans Seven: Mega waves, tuna kebab, and life on WWF's research vessel

Two of the things you might expect whilst aboard WWF's M/Y Navorca: pan-seared tuna kebab and house-sized waves. Find out what it's like to man WWF's research boat in Tubbataha. READ MORE

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Lida Pet-Soede
VIEWPOINT - Lida Pet-Soede, Coral Triangle Programme Leader

So fashionable: A trend for FADs

Fish Aggregating Devices have proliferated across the Coral Triangle. But as Lida explains in this blog post, the trend for FADs is not without creating new problems for sustainable fisheries. READ MORE

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Marivel Dygico

Marivel Dygico, Project Manager for Tubbataha

Marivel's title, Project Manager for Tubbataha, actually encompasses a diverse slate of responsibilities that span research, education, fundraising, and looking after WWF's boat, Navorca. Get the full story on Tubbataha from one of its foremost experts. READ MORE

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Keith Symington
TEAM BLOG - Keith Symington

From Vietnam to the Philippines: How I came full circle following a turtle’s journey 

In 2007, Keith Symington tagged a turtle in Vietnam's Con Dao islands - shortly after, she surfaced in Palawan. Back in the area, Keith reminisces fondly on a very special encounter. READ MORE

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Katherine Short
TEAM BLOG - Katherine Short

A warm embrace: Finding my way back to the tropical waters 

Every now and again, marine conservationists need to get back in their element--water. Taking her own advice, Kath Short goes underwater with fellow conservationists in Tubbataha and rediscovers what makes the Coral Triangle so extraordinary. READ MORE

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Jose Ingles
TEAM BLOG - Jose Ingles

Shifting baselines: How Tubbataha changed my perception of what a truly protected reef ecosystem should look like

We all have different perceptions of what a beautiful coral reef should look like. And this is usually based on what is considered the “best” at that time. For Jingles, the award goes to Tubbataha. READ MORE

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Paolo Mangahas
TEAM BLOG - Paolo Mangahas

Keep movin': What getting stuck can teach you about moving forward 

Trapped in a small space aboard WWF's Navorca in the early hours of the morning, Paolo Mangahas ponders the need to embrace change at a time of transition for the WWF Coral Triangle programme. READ MORE

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Geoffrey Muldoon
TEAM BLOG - Geoffrey Muldoon

Vicarious consumption: Experiencing the magic of Tubbataha for my children  

Diving Tubbataha was not just an indulgence for Geoffrey Muldoon, but an opportunity to experience an amazing marine environment and share its wonders (vicariously) with his sons—conservation 101 if you will.  READ MORE

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