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1 Timothy 2: 1- 2
urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people —  for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.

A few of Daughters hand made crocheted bags in various colours.

Latest News

Flooding inundates Phnom Penh, displacing clients
Many Daughters clients were affected by recent flooding in Phnom Penh, as monsoon rains overwhelmed the city's inadequate sewage system, sending toxic water into the homes of clients residing in low-income housing along the city's open drain systems. Many clients were affected by the flooding, and many of them were stranded and unable to get to work for several days when the water was at its peak. These clients are now faced with the task of reclaiming their homes as the waters recede. A large donation of cleaning supplies from students at Northbridge International School is helping clients with this task, and social workers are also assisting in relocating clients who are willing to move away from the unsanitary conditions near the sewage reservoir.

Daughters reaches out to illiterate women
In response to reports by Daughters' outreach team of encounters with illiterate sex workers who are unable to read Daughters' outreach literature, the Daughters of Cambodia marketing team assembled a pictorial outreach brochure to make this information accessible to a wider portion of our target audience — many of whom have little to no formal education. We at Daughters believe that dignified employment outside the sex industry should be universally achievable regardless of a woman's educational status.

Counseling Program
We have implemented change in approach of counseling team with a shift towards empowering clients through counseling and prayer ministry rather than interventions which are dangerous for our staff. Our social work team has changed recently due to funding cuts along with a refocusing of our strategy. We have also hired a new pastoral support officer to support clients in our outlet businesses.

Some of our clients in the creative classes we provide.

Prayer Needs

Client SR
Client SR has been struggling with depression and has recently attempted to commit suicide. She has described feeling extreme shame and overwhelmed feelings from her marital and financial burdens. SR has a serious spending problem and has been using money to buy different items in hope of winning the affections of her husband. Please pray that staff can connect and build a relationship that SR will feel comfortable confiding in for help and prayer. Please pray that the Lord will renew her mind and provide an opportunity for her to feel hope and move forward. Please pray for a healthy, loving and understanding relationship to be restored between husband and wife.

Client SM
Client SM has been a previous client at Daughters and a previous resident at a partner shelter but has left both while experiencing extreme emotional disturbances. During those times she described hearing voices telling her to leave these places. She has experienced a large amount of trauma in the past and has been involved in sex work at a nearby Wat/temple. Recently, she has turned up again and wants to come back to the shelter/discipleship program as well as come back to Daughters for work. SM seems determined and in a better state of mind. Please keep her in your prayers continually for her spiritual growth and healing. Pray that she would stabilize in these areas and find comfort in those around her and most importantly find comfort in her salvation. Please pray that she will stay consistent and not flee from her home at the shelter again.

Other prayer needs:
  • Pray for intercessors to come and join us at Daughters, in our intercession ministry. Please also pray for people gifted in inner healing prayer ministry to join our ministry team.
  • Pray for donors for next year to support our programs that have had funding cuts.
  • Please pray for Daughters Daycare. Many of the clients working in Daycare are not getting along with each other. Pray for the Daycare manager to have wisdom and grace working with them. For conflict resolution, that all Daycare workers reach a place of forgiveness, kindness and patience with each other. For the children in daycare not to pick up on the negative relationships amongst the adults. For a skilled Christian day-care volunteer to apply to the vacancy currently being advertised. To read more about Daughters Volunteer Opportunities click here.
  • Pray for two new Khmer managers for vacancies in our sewing room business with skills and who are Christian.
  • Pray for our staff. We had a tumultuous few weeks recently, characterized by staff disunity and conflict. Please pray for staff to keep their focus on Jesus, remember to give grace and love, and have open and good communication with each other. Please pray that the tide of conflict would come to an end.

Sponsor a Girl

Help one of our Daughters or Sons THRIVE by sponsoring them to a better future. For more information click here

One Woman's story.

Lita's journey to forgiveness

For Lita, it was a long road to find peace. As a young girl, this Daughters client was raped by two men, and the trauma of that experience continued to haunt her well into adulthood.  Read more...

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