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Personal message

Stand with Kristie for Christian freedoms

Please donate today to help us support Kristie and others like her

Dear friend,

Perhaps you know what it’s like to be let down by those close to you?

Jesus certainly did. As the Easter story reminds us, he was betrayed by Judas, and disowned by Peter.

Today, I'm seeking your renewed support for a Christian who is paying the price for speaking up for what's right.

She too felt the pain of betrayal.
You might remember that back in 2018, Kristie Higgs was sacked for gross misconduct when someone went behind her back and complained to her employer.

But with your help this Easter, we can take the next crucial step in helping her challenge what has happened, and make sure that the voice of righteousness is not silenced.

Could you make a gift today to stand with Kristie for Christian freedom?
Yes, I want to stand with Kristie

Complaint from a 'friend'

Let me remind you what happened to Kristie, and then explain how you can make a difference.

For six years, Kristie worked as a pastoral assistant at a local secondary school. She loved her role, got on well with others, and enjoyed caring for the students.

One day, Kristie got a letter from her child’s primary school about the 'No Outsiders' programme, which is being used in some primary schools. It introduces young children to ideas about family and gender that are very different from Biblical teaching.
Kristie went to a meeting to find out more. She was really concerned by what she heard and decided to do further research. As she did, she shared a couple of posts on Facebook.

But the next week, back at the secondary school where she worked, Kristie was told that someone had complained about her.
It seems that one of Kristie's Facebook ‘friends’ sent pictures of her Facebook posts to the headteacher of the school complaining that "a member of your staff who works directly with children has been posting homophobic and prejudiced views against the lgbt (sic) community on Facebook."

From there, things escalated. Kristie was first suspended, then a few weeks later she was sacked for gross misconduct. She appealed but the decision was upheld.

Continue the fight for justice

I knew immediately that we needed to support Kristie. Our legal team swung into action. We helped Kristie take her case to the Employment Tribunal.

Sadly, last year the Employment Tribunal ruled against her. But I am determined to continue the fight for justice.

Now we’re helping Kristie take her case to the Employment Appeal Tribunal. The hearing is in a few weeks’ time. But I need your help.
Could you make a gift of £30, £50, £100, or whatever you can afford, to stand with Kristie and others like her?

We never charge our clients a penny. We don’t want money to stand in the way of people receiving the help that they need.
Yes, I want to stand with Kristie
I was shocked by what happened to Kristie. But I’m so pleased that we are here to help her. There are at least three important reasons to support Kristie:

1. Exposing what is happening in schools

The ‘No Outsiders’ programme is being used at schools in different parts of the country.

Teaching like this, aimed at very young children, normalises ideas about 'family' that are a long way from God’s pattern. If we care about the next generation we need to challenge this. Kristie’s case highlights what is happening in many schools.

Could you make a gift today so that we can continue to shed light on what our children are being taught?
Yes, I want to stop inappropriate relationships and sex education

2. Challenging the 'policing of thought'

Kristie wasn’t sacked because of something she did at work, or how she treated someone at the school. She was sacked because of what she posted privately from home to her Facebook friends. She was sacked because she dared to challenge an ideology that is opposed to Christian teaching.

Sadly, she is not alone. At the Christian Legal Centre, we are helping other Christians who are being pushed out of jobs and careers because they have expressed their beliefs, away from the workplace.

Could you give today to help us support other Christians being pushed out of the workplace?
Yes, I want to support Christians in the workplace

3. Making sure Christians know
they aren't alone

Perhaps you can imagine the sense of betrayal when Kristie discovered that someone had gone behind her back to complain? Or what it feels like when the school where you’ve served for six years turns its back on you and throws you out? Speaking up for truth can be costly. The temptation to stay silent can be strong.

Jesus knows what it’s like to be betrayed and abandoned. I’m glad that he doesn’t ask us to walk a path that he hasn’t walked himself.

But I’m also glad that he surrounds us with his family to support us. I am glad that the Christian Concern community is here to stand with Christians like Kristie in their time of need. I know how important it is that we do. If we don’t do this now, it will be even harder for Christians to stand firm when they are challenged.

So, if you can, please donate today to help us support Kristie and others like her. By God’s grace, whatever you can give will make a difference.
Yes, I would like to make a gift today
It's simple and easy to give online, although if you prefer, you can also call our team on 020 3327 1122 during office hours (9am - 5pm) to give over the phone.

Every donation makes a difference and is an encouragement to me that Christians across the nation want to see people like Kristie supported.

Thank you for your support. I pray that this Easter you may rejoice in Jesus, who was betrayed and disowned so that we might have life in his name.
In Him,
Andrea Williams
Chief Executive

P.S. You can give quickly and easily online via the Christian Concern website or by calling our giving team on 020 3327 1122 during office hours (9am-5pm) before our office closes for Good Friday.

P.P.S. If you can make a donation today, it will help us support Christians like Kristie. But please don’t feel obliged to give. We trust the Lord to provide what is needed.

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