Why you should make a summer fun list

If you read my blog, you might have seen my annual summer fun list, which I posted on Wednesday. Each year, I make a list of activities that will help make summer feel like summer to me. Summer is a great time for making memories, and being thoughtful about my family and free time can help me make good choices. 

This comes back to an issue I talk about frequently: the difference between “effortless fun” and “effortful fun.” Both deserve a place in life, but the problem is that because effortful fun takes, well, effort, we tend to underinvest in these areas. Hosting a dinner party is fun, but takes a lot of work. Looking at photos of other people’s meals on Instagram can also be fun, and takes no work whatsoever. So guess what we tend to spend more time doing. 

The problem is that I think the lure of “effortless fun” leads to more wasted time than almost anything else we do. Sure, people waste all kinds of time in meetings, or doing inefficient errands. But the biggest squandering happens when we have no intentions for what could be leisure time, and then it passes in ways that aren’t particularly rejuvenating. You don’t have a good book to read, so you pop in and out of email all night, following each check with a scroll through social media posts. You can feel like you have no free time, but this isn’t exactly true. Most of those email checks resulted in nothing particularly important. 

Better to think about what might be fun and keep the list handy. Then, when time opens up, it’s easier to seize. It’s easier to make memories, and that, in turn, makes us feel like we have more time. 

Have you made a summer fun list? If so, what’s on it? 

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