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Waging War on Worry, Anxiety, & Fear 

When worry springs up, we need to take responsibility for it and confess it to God.  But what is worry and what are its boundaries?

To begin, we must differentiate between good "worry" and bad.

Wait.  What was that?  Good worry?  That may strike you as odd.  Let me explain.
Interestingly, the New Testament's most widely used word for anxiety/worry can also be used to describe a person's legitimate concern or care. 

Paul is described as being "anxious" for the churches he planted (2 Cor. 11:28).  This "anxiety" was not sinful though.  Rather, it was a right expression of genuine pastoral concern.  It was that godly paternal interest that an overseer has which leads to his fulfilling his responsibilities.  

This good worry can become bad when it crosses the line.  If it dominates us (i.e. it consumes and controls us) we have fallen into idolatry: the worship of ideas, repsonsiblity, and the what might be.

 Another way to think about worry is by the terms Scripture employs for it.  
  • Μεριμνάω  - to divide, strangle, choke - Worry is that which divides your attention.  You are being strangulated by thoughts that keep you awake or keep you from fulfilling your present calling.
  • Τυρβάζω  - to trouble -  This is the opposite of peace.  It stands for the agitation that you feel when worried.  There is a general disquiet that comes over you.  And because you are disturbed, you are easily perterbed with others.
  • מָהַר - This hebrew word literally means "to be liquid." and signifies "to be hurried."  Worried people act hasitly because they want to escape their problem or solve it faster than God would have them.  Their thoughts become liquid and they quickly run to a (not so good) solution.
These are just a few terms that help us understand the nature of worry.  In each case we understand that we've crossed the line of godly concern into the bad territory of worry.

These terms can be good indicators to us too.  When our attention is divided, mind/body is troubled, and choices are hasty, we need to stop ourselves and pray.  We need to turn to God and confess that we have sinned the sin of worry.  

As we'll see next time, this confession begins the path to peace.


Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. 
 James 4:11a

God's Master Plan for Gaining Victory over Sin

1.  That Mansfield's gay pride event may fold.  Or that the efforts to evangelize at the event may bear much fruit.  

2.   For those mothers and teachers preparing for another school year to begin.

3.  Thanks: that the word of God is going forth to many in our area because of the work of Hopewell Church.

4.  Thanks: that Kimberly has been able to move out of the Good Shepherd Rehab to more independent living quarters in Wooster.

5.  For Micah, Matt's former student, as he is released from prison and acclimates back into regular life.  Thank God for his incredible growth in Christ!

Tuesday August 7:  Leadership Meeting - 

Sunday August 19:  Celebration Sunday -  After our morning worship we will have a carry in lunch.  Subsequent to that you're invited to the final ceremony for/by our Bible Bee gang!

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