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Dear Friend—I’ve written to you in recent days about the unprecedented challenges that IOF faces in 2021. The combination of Joe Biden’s election as America’s President, coupled with the strong support he enjoys from George Soros, and a new head of Soros’ Open Society Foundations who is an expert at manipulating power in international governing bodies presents intense trials for IOF and the entire pro-family movement.
What is our response to these unprecedented challenges? It’s our members. At IOF, members matter. We are a grassroots organization that depends on the support of individuals and families who make a modest investment in our work. We urgently need your help to meet the challenges we are facing which will impact our work the world over. Will you step up today with a 2021 Membership Contribution of $35 or more? Your membership contribution will be 100% matched thanks to some generous donors.  Better yet, if you agree to be a monthly donor of $7 per month or more, the amount of your monthly pledge will be matched for an entire year!
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At his core, Joe Biden is a globalist, and nobody is happier about that than George Soros, the world’s preeminent member of the global elite. Biden has already begun the process of implementing Soros’ globalist agenda. He’s ended the Mexico City Policy which had prevented international nonprofit groups from receiving US taxpayer funding if they provided abortion services. He’s taken major steps to impose gender ideology – the nonsensical policy that a person’s sex is determined by identity, emotions and feelings, and not biology – including allowing “transgender” individuals to join the military (and have taxpayers pay billions for their medical “transitions”) and for biological males to participate in and thus dominate female athletics.  He’s put a stop to deportations of illegal aliens, including those who have committed crimes, and said his administration will abandon the immigration policies of Donald Trump. He’s rejoined the World Health Organization (WHO) and recommitted the United States to the Paris climate accord. He is embracing socialist economic programs. And all this just in a week. Biden and Soros are just getting started.
The Biden/Soros agenda will not be constrained at the water’s edge of the US. In fact, they will work overtime to impose it on countries around the world, both through conditions of receiving US aid and though policies adopted by international governing bodies like the UN and WHO. And in this area, Soros has been extremely strategic in turning over the operations of his Open Society Foundations to his top lieutenant, Mark Malloch-Brown. Malloch-Brown is an international power broker with few equals. A former UK Minister and member of the House of Lords, Malloch-Brown was a top official with the World Bank and went on to head several key ministries in the United Nations, where he rose to become the UN’s second-most powerful official. He knows where the levers of power are located, and how to pull them to ensure that the Biden/Soros agenda is pushed the world over.

Help IOF Fight The Biden/Soros Agenda

The organization that the George Soros network has identified as their top adversary is us, the International Organization for the Family (IOF). We are squarely in their crosshairs because they see us as being effective, strategic and on the march.
We wear the opposition of George Soros and Mark Malloch-Brown as a badge of honor. But we cannot delude ourselves into thinking that everything is fine. We are at a real disadvantage now. Soros and Malloch-Brown have billions at their disposal, a major ally in the White House in the person of Joe Biden, and key allies around the world through organizations like the UN and WHO. Our best chance to even out the playing field is to mobilize thousands more IOF supporters to become 2021 members. Given what’s at stake, I am asking every supporter of IOF to step up with a 2021 Membership Contribution. We really need your help.
As noted, the best way to renew your membership in IOF is to become a monthly donor to IOF of at least $7 monthly throughout 2021. Thanks to the $50,000 matching gift opportunity that has been made available, the amount of your monthly pledge will unlock a TWELVE TIMES RETURN. Your monthly gift of $10 will generate $120 in matching funds. Will you become a monthly donor for 2021, or extend your current monthly donation through the remainder of 2021?
We realize that many people prefer to show their support through periodic one-time gifts. Such support is most welcome, and all donations will be matched dollar for dollar. Will you kindly make a 2021 Membership Contribution of $35 or more knowing that it will DOUBLE in size and impact?
I also want to make clear that even though the threats that we are facing are unprecedented in scope and scale, IOF is not merely going to play defense in 2021. In fact, we are on offense working to advance pro-family policies and programs. Let me share a few examples:

  • Our worldwide media platform, which provides news and commentary, is now being published in eight languages to pro-family supporters around the globe.
  • Our international scholarly journal of research and policy, The Natural Family, is also being expanded in 2021. This journal is the go-to source for research and intellectual commentary concerning pro-family topics including marriage, parenthood, religious liberty and other matters.
  • IOF continues to grow our work in Eastern Europe where we have tremendous opportunities to encourage and cement profamily cultural movements and policies. To help facilitate this growth, we’ve opened a new office in Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Finally, IOF has launched a major new legal initiative – – to fight back against the advance of “critical race theory” instruction in the public schools, which is itself racist and discriminatory, categorizing people’s character based on their skin color, gender and religious beliefs. We intend to bring this instruction to an end.

I’m sure you can see that 2021 will be a momentous year for IOF. We face unprecedented challenges, yet also have incredible opportunities to advance a pro-family message. That is why I am asking every IOF supporter to make the most generous 2021 Membership Contribution you can manage, realizing that your gift will double in impact. And if you can become a monthly donor (or renew your existing monthly contribution), your monthly pledge will be matched for an entire year.


 >>>Support IOF with a $500 monthly donation
>>>Support IOF with a $250 monthly donation
>>>Support IOF with a $100 monthly donation
>>>Support IOF with a $75 monthly donation
>>>Support IOF with a $50 monthly donation
>>>Support IOF with a $25 monthly donation
>>>Support IOF with a $15 monthly donation
>>>Support IOF with a $10 monthly donation
>>>Support IOF with a $7 monthly donation


>>>Make a 2021 Membership Contribution of $35
>>>Make a 2021 Membership Contribution of $50
>>>Make a 2021 Membership Contribution of $100
>>>Make a 2021 Membership Contribution of $250
>>>Make a 2021 Membership Contribution of $500
>>>Make a 2021 Membership Contribution of $1,000 or more

I am confident that if we grow our membership, 2021 will be an exciting and productive year for us that is full of accomplishments.  Please show your continuing support by making a generous 2021 Membership Contribution today.
Thank you for everything you are doing to help.

God bless,

Brian S. Brown


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