Newsletter no 29 - January 7th 2019.
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NEWSLETTER: The Rules of Golf.
Hi all.

Time for another newsletter about the Rules of Golf!

If this is the first time you receive our newsletter, it is probably because you were enrolled in the late Barry Rhodes's newsletter - if so please read the section "Barry Rhodes RIP" below carefully.

In this newsletter you can...

1) ... try the brand new 2019-Rules quiz, which is an excellent way to "learn to forget" the 2018-Rules - and to learn the 2019-Rules. 
2) ... read a new statement (clarifications) from the R&A/USGA regarding the 2019-Rules. 
3) ... pre-order a new 2019-Rules books.
4) ...  read about the first penalty on the PGA Tour under the 2019-Rules, incurred by Dustin Johnson!

As always: If you want to get more involved in the Rules of Golf, I will strongly recommend that you...:

- ... follow The Oswald Academy on Twitter.
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Have a great week!

Best regards

Brian Nygaard Oswald
Founder of The Oswald Academy, Master of Laws (LL. M.) - - +45 2925 8636
NEW 2019-QUIZ...
...available now!
I am happy to announce a brand new 2019-Rules quiz, where focus is on all the changes in 2019 from 2018.
Try the quiz
Dustin Johnson...
...first 19-penalty!

Dustin Johnson incurred the first penalty on the PGA Tour under the 2019-Rules: "I will never do that again!", he said!
Read more
Popular book:
In a 2019 version!
The very popular "First Aid" book is published in March in a 2019-edition. Now available for pre-ordering online (25$).
See book
First experiences..
...with the 19-Rules.

Read USGA Rules Chief Thomas Pagels thoughts about the first experiences on the PGA Tour with the 19-Rules.
Read more
News from R&A:
- Clarifications!
The R&A and USGA recently published some clarifications about the 2019-Rules of Golf - read them here.
Read more
Personal member:
- Oswald Academy
Become a personal member and get access to quizzes, slideshows, receive discounts and a lot more. 69 $ a year.
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Barry Rhodes RIP.

I am very sorry to inform you, that Barry Rhodes (Rules expert from Dublin, Ireland) passed away September 21st 2018. Many of you probably knew him. He had a great passion for the Rules of Golf and always generously shared his great knowledge with everybody. 

I lost a friend and a mentor - as well as many other people around the world did.

In March 2018 Barry and I began a partnership about the Rules of Golf, and we had a lot of plans together. His widow has generously allowed me to (to the best of my ability) continue his great work, hereunder:

- His newsletters.
- His blogs (including "Pros Getting it Wrong" etc.)
- 999 Q (book).

I will update most of his material to the 2019-Rules of Golf. It will take some time, since he made a lot.

Of course I do things differently than Barry did, but hopefully I can provide all of you with valuable knowledge and help about the Rules of Golf. 

If this is the first newsletter, you have received from me, the reason most likely is, that you have been subscribed to Barry's e-mails, which I as stated above will continue. 

-> If you want to know more about The Oswald Academy, feel free to read more here.

As always you can unsubscribe very easily by clicking on the link below ("Sign-off newsletter").

If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact me, simply by answering this e-mail or by e-mailing me at

Again: I am so sorry to inform you about this terrible loss.

Brian Nygaard Oswald
Founder of The Oswald Academy

Learn the 2019 Rules of Golf.

For free!

The 2019-Rules are now in effect! The Oswald Academy offers you help for free:

You can subscribe to our '2019 Oswald Rules School'. 

This is what you need to know about the 2019 Oswald Rules School:

- You can subscribe here.
- It is free of charge.
- You will receive approximately 30 e-mails, each covering one subject (e.g. 'dropping', 'searching' etc.).
- The first e-mail will be send in March 2019.
- In each mail there will be a link to a video-blog and a test.
- At the end you can take an optional exam to monitor your understanding and progress. 
- There is no obligation and you may unsubscribe at any time.

I therefore strongly recommend that you subscribe - and that you tell your fellow golf club members about this free service from The Oswald Academy.
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