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#92 - You are Important
We've had to make a lot of phone calls lately - needed support for the A.C. unit, needed to make an appointment to change the oil of the new truck, credit card issues, parts for a small tool ...

Your call is important to us - We thank you for your patience as call volumes are higher than usual ...

After waiting, when I finally do get a person on the line I discover they actually can't help me, but they will have someone reach out to me. I have often found, however, that even if that person does call, for the most part he or she cannot help me either. Still, I am usually  thanked for calling and assured that if there is anything else they can do for me I should call back. Although the actual message is - you can't be helped.

Of course, I can go online and get trapped in a meaningless conversation with a chat bot - or I can try searching the website for product information where I notice that it's much easier to find promotions for new merchandise than it is to find information about the device that I have.

There's more - do you also get those vaguely threatening text-messages from the dentist warning you not to miss your appointment or you will be charged? Then of course when you call - you call is very important to us....

The worst thing about all this nonsense is we're always being told we are important, and that they wanted to help.

So I end up not only not getting the help I need, but also feeling bad.

Somehow there are a lot of these obstacles in modern life, and they are frustrating because they really don't make sense. Don't make sense mostly because my call isn't really important to them; we are being bamboozled - deceived and gaslighted.

And these are just the small issues.
I feel I have not gotten as much stuff done this summer as I would have liked - but there are obstacles in the world right now, and a lot of them are pretty darn big. It's difficult to remember what matters sometimes. It's easy to feel overwhelmed.

So, what can I do?  I take a moment. The beauty of the world matters. Getting out in the world matters. I matter.

It's fishing time again!
And I can draw.
I have not yet seen her yet, but I get lots of photos. Phones are a great invention for that. Our field of vision is so much larger due to technology. There is a lot of wonder and goodness that comes out of cell phones. I can print the photos and then draw from them.
Families matter. Love matters.
Creating art matters.

Got some things fired and then started decorating the coffee cones. I owe one to a dear friend. Let me know if you'd like one as well. The first one has a coffee bean plant pattern. They fit over mugs or some are sized for a thermal pitcher. I did one with fish to go with the fish mugs and a few fish tumblers. You can see how different they look before and after the glaze fire.
So, I tell myself -
Every moment is now.
Notice everything.
Practice compassion for others and yourself!
Gardens matter. So grateful for our bird visitors.
Then we can move on.

What we do and say is important.

I need to do something about the obstacles to our civil rights. I want a safer world for my granddaughter. 

There are actions, and many easy ones, that we can do and that will make a difference. I have continued to sign up for events with 
Click the link. Your actions matter.

I am now as always, and with gratitude, yours,

July 25, 2022

Below -

I have a cucumber, some zucchini (at last!) and the pumpkin plants are beginning to take off -- The roses have not minded the cold spring and early summer.

Stuff gets done when people do it. Equitable culture and society require participation. We're not too busy and we're not helpless. Talking about your values matters. Your call is very important.

(And, in all honesty, there are some shops, offices, and such that are still helpful, and there are companies where people do answer the phone and still treat you well. But it's good to be mindful of the difference.)
Friends make sure friends vote - and pay it forward.

You can post it on your social media. Here I am #voting!
Your vote counts!
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