what happens when our imagination is caught on fire,
conversations are not a promotional opportunity,
people who are right a lot, listen a lot

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The most popular article this week was what happens... when our imagination is caught on fire? Disney's ten rules for imagineers.

Tools and conversations

Focusing on the process of connection makes the work much more enjoyable. More often than not, what we see online is discussion, which reflects the tendency to think alone. In a discussion, people see themselves as separate from each other.
Conversations are not a promotional opportunity. If we think back at times when we felt energized and inspired at a networking event, or some other kind of gathering, when we walked away feeling great, that we connected with someone, we experienced what a good conversation looks like. Why can't all of our interactions be like that?
People who are right a lot, listen a lot. "People who are right a lot work very hard to do that unnatural thing of trying to disconfirm their beliefs."
The secret to how great interviews are the stuff of legends. What kind of interview format would do that? What happens with conversational fluency is we are present to the other person in real time, and are able to help them show up as well. Was empathy the secret?
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Reading notes

Future Strong by Bill Jensen. For those who may not be familiar with Bill Jensen, he's been researching and writing about work for his entire career in business. His previous books are Simplicity in 2001 and the manifesto Work 2.0 in 2002. The Simplicity Survival Handbook is a working guide for business. A line to think about from the handbooks: "The complexity starts from within. From within my own company, within myself."

In Future Strong, Bill delves more deeply into choice making and purpose. Both are themes we work on at Conversation Agent. He and Dan Pink have been reference points in our Fast Company live conversations.

Three conversations:

Looking at issues from different angles is the hallmark of people with conversational fluency. Starting with the elephant in the room.

1./   Developing perspective on the election process.  Investing wisdom on biases and predictions. Why numbers don't tell the full story. Why even good models cannot account for the complexity of human behavior. On forecasting errors likely to get worse. On the human side of things -- Perspective from a history professor. Rules for survival and a thoughtful human story. When we have things in isolation, it's harder to see the big picture.

2. /   Creating convergence in health care. Consumers can't help healthcare. Customers can. On the future of telemedicine. The only way we can begin to fix a system is by empowering the people who are most affected by it to take control.

3./   Understanding resilience. The fragility of good government. The only true avenue is to commit ourselves to be for the long term. Charlie Chaplin's beautiful speech in the Great Dictator, a movie he made in 1940. Here's why small talk should be bannedPerhaps meaningful conversation also makes us more attractive? Market your bliss. Entrepreneurs learn quickly that it's hard work to stay with it.
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