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June 2020 - Editor: Murielle Hamilton - Vol. 48, No. 6

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The Commodores' Log

June Gloom Gets A Lift

By Lenox Grasso, FYC Commodore, FYC Port Captain MdRH


Hello Fairwinders,

For a handful of days last month (18-21 May), FYC partially re-opened for the first time since FYC lockdown on Fri 20 Mar. Unfortunately, MdRH had to re-close at 0000 Fri 22 May after it became apparent that there was an inconsistency somewhere among the LA County Health Officer, Beaches and Harbors upper management, or the Beaches and Harbors foot soldiers enforcing policy on the piers. It turned out that Beaches and Harbors realized that they were improperly applying only the less stringent rules for private boat owners to FYC MdRH as well.

FYC re-opened again at 0900 Sat 30 May for all boat sizes and assets, but the rules differ slightly for CIH and MdRH. Boats in both Harbors are open for up to 6 same-household people. CIH boats are also open for 2 mixed-household people, but MdRH is not. So, this means 6 total same-household or 2 total mixed-households in CIH, not 8 total, and just 6 total same-household in MdRH. Please obey all 21 accompanying rules that govern this Phase 2 re-opening.

In news other than this damnable coronavirus, FYC MdRH has added two new vessels to the Small Boat Fleet within just the past month. Neither was purchased so there was no requirement to form a BSC Boat Selection Committee. The first boat, Chaos, is a 1969 Soling 27 Mold 1 Hull 1 former Olympic-class racing yacht, donated by FYC Member Robert Green who will serve as Boat Chief. The second boat, Challenger, is MdRH's fourth Capri 22. More commonly known as the "Sheriff's Boat", Richard Windebank and MdRH Rear Commodore Stephen Fenster have been involved in arranging its transfer of ownership to the Boys and Girls Club of Venice. It will be like Generosity, owned by BGCV, but maintained and used mostly by FYC MdRH Membership. Bennett Samson will be Boat Chief. The configuration of the MdRH Fleet is now seven Small Boats, three Medium Boats, and five Large Boats.

Next, the Club Website has a new façade page. I have asked our FYC Web Team - Michael Mariani, Robert Hays, and Jon Rock – to craft this new page to showcase briefly and plainly FYC's multiple missions to provide low-cost access to the sport of sailing, sailing education as an affiliate of the American Sailing Association, and community service in the form of public Open Houses and our programs with the Boys and Girls Clubs. These three messages are critical to provide anyone who is in a position to decide why a yacht club is deserving of an extension and augmentation of our financial subsidies that expire on 21 Mar 2021. But if our efforts fail, Club Treasurer Adrienne O'Donnell has a plan to make up the difference by proposing that the proportion of dues that go into the Floating Funds be reduced from 20 to 15 percent. More money into the Operating Fund would mean more money to pay Club expenses and we can pour money from the Operating Fund into the Floating Fund at any time if so desired, but not conversely.

Adrienne's proposal is now part of a growing backlog of legislation that the Executive Board has drafted to present to Membership to improve our Bylaws, Standing Rules, Training Documents, and overall Club viability. We did not have a Membership quorum at our Sat 21 Dec Meeting, our Sat 28 Mar Meeting was canceled, and we may also not be able to meet on Sat 27 Jun in Channel Islands. MdRH Fleet Captain Arthur Toye has been trying out several instruments of virtual collaboration for possible use in meeting with Membership, at least to connect informally.

Finally, I 'm pleased to find that more people from FYC have registered for more online ASA classes than at any other ASA affiliate through Memorial Day weekend. One FYC Member registered to study the entire set of online courses.

Lenox Grasso
FYC Commodore 
FYC Port Captain MdRH

Lenox Grasso is the FYC Commodore and MdRH Port Captain. He joined FYC MdRH in 2010 after many years of sailing the Eastern Seaboard, Great Lakes, Bahamas, Caribbean, to Cuba, Panama, Bermuda, and Spain. Educated at Yale and Harvard, Lenox worked in federal defense and in expert systems with IBM, Naval Intelligence, NY Hospital, and at Harvard with RAND. Lenox is a USCG 100-Ton Master and now works at ASA (Certs 107-108, 201-206, 211-218).
Virus Phase 2 Rules

Phase 2 Rules to Re-Open FYC and Mitigate Infection

The following rules are now in place for partial re-opening of Fairwind Yacht Club. These rules are a combination of rules required or recommended by Harbor authorities, County authorities, the FYC Virus Committee, and the Executive Board.

01) If you know that you are infected or have symptoms of infection, do not come to FYC, neither CIH nor MdRH.
02) In MdRH, masks must be worn continuously in the parking lot, in the restrooms, and on the docks.
03) A social distance of one full fathom (6 feet or more) must be maintained everywhere while onshore.
04) Gatherings of more than 6 people are prohibited onshore, even if social distance is maintained.
05) In CIH, the use of all assets is permitted for up to 6 total people of the same household, or (not and) alternatively...
06) In CIH, the use of all assets is permitted for up to 2 total people of mixed households, w/ masks strongly recommended.
07) In MdRH, the use of all assets is permitted for up to 6 total people of the same household only.
08) In MdRH, the use of all assets is not permitted for any crew of mixed (i.e. different) households.
09) Reciprocal use of all of assets between Members of CIH and MdRH is suspended until further notice.
10) No more than 6 total people are permitted on a dock at any time, so go to your boat, clean it, rig it, and undock.
11) Before reserving any FYC asset, you must agree with the FYC “Hold Harmless” form on Schedule Master.
12) FYC Open Houses and Work Days are still closed except for Boat Chiefs and Assistant Boat Chiefs.
13) There is a limit of 2 BCs and/or ABCs per boat, w/ masks strongly recommended, and the coffee station prohibited.
14) In CIH, training/checkouts are permitted if only 2 total people are onboard, w/ masks strongly recommended.
15) In MdRH, training/checkouts are suspended until further notice, except for the Hobies, kayaks, and paddleboards.
16) Socializing onboard FYC boats in slips is prohibited, even after a day sail, so unrig and clean your boat, then leave.
17) On Smalls, leave the tiller and winches uncovered for cleaning with disinfectants provided and exposure to sunlight.
18) On Smalls, clean the tiller, winches, engine shift lever, throttle, tilt lever, lift handle, pull cord, and kill switch.
19) On Mediums/Larges, clean the wheel, throttle, transmission, instrumentation, winches, DC panel, and head fixtures.
20) Clean all surfaces, boat keys, winch handles, boat kitties, companionway doors, locks, and shore power cords.
21) Clean the deck and high-traffic areas with soap and water, especially the cockpit, then rinse.

Any observed intentional violation of these rules could result in Club re-closure and/or the skipper fined and/or arrested.

Ocean Stories

Exploring & Saving The Oceans


Two great stories from the New Yorker this month:

1) the fascinating story of Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd, the marine wildlife conservation organization; 

2) the conquest of the deepest spot in the ocean by Victor Vescovo, 36'000 ft deep alone in a submarine.

Please note that the New Yorker has a paywall, but by registering, you will be able to read 4 free articles per month.

Sailing Techniques

Unlocking Proper Roller Reefing

A webinar by Chuck Skewes of Ullman Sails in San Diego. Here is the link for the article:


For the webinar video, click on the thumbnail below :)

A Smidgen Of Humor

Curfew Race Training
The View From The Rear

Rear Commodore's Report, CIH

By Hal Cohen, CIH Rear Commodore

CIH Maintenance Actions

We continued to monitor our boats at the harbor in April, sending out a very limited number of maintainers in an effort to comply with the strict Governor’s Stay-At-Home order. Dennis Derley, CIH Assistant Rear Commodore for Large Boats, checked on all the boats weekly, concentrating on dock lines, shore power connections, and bilge pump operation. During the last weekend of the month, Geoff Warner, CIH Assistant Rear Commodore for Medium Boats, aired out all 12 boats on F-Dock, checked battery functionality, ran the engines, and pumped out holding tanks where equipped. A couple of the batteries required charging, and three of the outboards needed work. Bob Chatenever inspected these engines and took care of the issues.

Here are the CIH maintenance achievements for April:

  • Mistral: Engine rebuild completed; the engine will remain at the vendor until arrangements can be made for the reinstallation. 
  • Driftwood: No water flow through outboard; issue corrected.
  • Sand: No water flow through outboard; issue corrected.
  • Sweet Deal: No oil showing on outboard dipstick; reported as an issue on last several log entries; new outboard on order.
New Lockbox Configuration

A second lockbox has been installed at the Peninsula Yacht Marina office building. The original box was getting too full to accommodate all of our keys, and lockbox jams were becoming the norm. The two boxes, located adjacent to the men’s restroom, are now segregated into small boat and large/medium boat groupings. The combination is unchanged and is the same for both lockboxes. Please take caution to refrain from stowing keys in marked keep-out areas that may cause lockbox jams.
That’s the scoop for this month. I hope to see you around the harbor sooner than later. Stay safe and be well,

Hal Cohen
CIH Rear Commodore
Hal Cohen joined Fairwind in 2016 and has served as the CIH Rear Commodore over the past 3 years. His background as a retired aerospace engineer with a 40-year career contributing to the design, manufacture, operation, and program management of complex electro-optical and aerospace systems has given him the tools he uses to lead the great maintenance team that keeps the CIH fleet up and running. He has been a boat owner/maintainer over most of his life.

Rear Commodore's Report, MdRH

By Steven Fenster, MdRH Rear Commodore


 As the fleet has been down due to Covid-19 restrictions, very little in repairs have occurred.

We have however some exciting news as 2 new boats are being added to the fleet:

- a 27 ft. Soling named Chaos, kindly donated by Robert Green, an MdRH Fairwind member;

- a 22 ft. Catalina known as The Sheriff's Boat, but truly called Challenger, which was donated to the Boys and Girls Club by the Sheriff Dept. for its use during summer sailing classes, as well as Fairwinds' members' use, and which will be maintained by FYC MdRH. (More details in the Commodore's Log).

Both of these boats will be ready to use in a couple of weeks, once the transfer of ownership has been completed.

Meanwhile, Rambaley, our Yngling, has been painted blue and white to freshen it up and Tardis' electrical problem has been fixed.

Hoping to see all of you on the water soon!                                                                      

Stephen Fenster
Stephen Fenster is the Rear Commodore for FYC MDR. He holds a BA in Education and has spent his professional life in the marine and automotive aftermarket. He serves on the Fairwind Board, the Harbor Committee and the Boat Selection Committee, and is responsible for all outboards. He has been married for 39 years and has one child.
Guidelines, Links & Credits

Hello Fairwinders,

1) The basic Newsletter Submission Guidelines are as follows. Articles are meant to inform, to teach, to keep the membership abreast of current goings-on, to share something unusual done by one of our members which may be of interest to a segment of our membership, to cover a Club activity, or to amuse.

Each article should be 500 words or less. The deadline for submission is the 15th of the month for the next month's issue. Whenever possible, please send photos or illustrations to go with your article, as well as a portrait photo of yourself and a 60-word mini-bio.

2) Al
l cruises are suspended until further notice due to Covid-19.

If you have any questions or want to discuss an item directly with me, you can email me at fyceditor2019@gmail.com. Thank you! 

Murielle Hamilton
FYC Editor
Murielle Hamilton grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where she graduated in Dead Languages and Poli Sci. She has spent most of her life in music (working for Prince, the Rolling Stones and others, later composing film scores and ballet music); and in fashion, with her own line sold at Barney's, Nordstrom's, Anthropologie, etc.. She joined FYC in 2018, has ASAs 101-103-105 and loves to race.
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