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May 2020 - Editor: Murielle Hamilton - Vol. 48, No. 5

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Photo ©2016 Murielle Hamilton
The Commodores' Log

May Day News

By Lenox Grasso, FYC Commodore, FYC Port Captain MdRH


Hello Fairwinders.

It's May Day! Good news, bad news. The good news is that the SMWYC car park is completed and re-opened with new asphalt, new layout stripes, plenty of empty parking stalls, and the chain-link fences have been removed. The bad news is that we still cannot congregate there in large numbers under California's Executive Order NC-33-20 to Stay-at-Home and LA County Health Officer Safer-at-Home Order, both of which have been re-extended. FYC cannot re-open until NC-33-20 has been eased or terminated. Moreover, in MdRH, clubs like FYC do not appear under Section (13) of essential businesses. Both FYC fleets are red-barred through Sun 31 May by authority granted the FYC Executive Board under Bylaws Articles VI and XX. Club Cruises for May have been canceled. Eventually, the Orders will change, probably into an eased version of social isolation. Fleet Surgeon Kenneth "Ken" Murray, recently granted Honorary status by the Executive Board, is Chairman of a new Virus Committee that will recommend the best ways to back the Club away from full lockdown.

In anticipation, Schedule Master has already been reprogrammed to enforce an X-hour gap among new reservations. X is adjustable and is currently set at 36 hours. When any Member attempts to schedule a new reservation, X hours must transpire between the beginning of your new reservation and the end of the last reservation on that vessel. Not just your last reservation, but any reservation by anyone. On the other end, there must also be X hours between the end of your reservation and the beginning of anyone's next reservation on that same boat. Some subtleties involving "Club Use" reservations exist, but this programming has been in effect for all reservations scheduled since Fri 27 Mar to allow X hours for a virus titer to perish before the vessel's next use. Some reservations were already in place prior to Fri 27 Mar that do not conform to this algorithm, but they remain in effect, having not been adjusted or canceled. A 1.5-day gap between reservations is perhaps not enough time to disable the virus completely, but it is a big kick in the corona that should be supplemented by Member precautions to clean the boats before and after each usage.

In other actions, the Executive Board has asked Member Bennett Samson to write new content for the Club website that will showcase FYC's community outreach effort with the Boys and Girls Club, the Sheriff's After-School Program, and the Harbor Motorcruise for Veterans. Our largest contributions to the community are, of course, our dual roles in sailing education as a non-profit ASA affiliate and as an all-volunteer, low-cost, alternative yacht club experience. As we know, anyone from the community can join us for a complimentary day of sailing once each month in CIH and up to six days each month in MdRH. FYC will be valued as a community asset in Oxnard and Marina del Rey if we make it more obvious that we are. This action is part of a concerted effort to retain annual financial subsidies and mitigate the encroachment of unconstrained development in both our Harbors.

Finally this month, after my e-mail blast on Sat 11 Apr, on what would have been our Second Saturday Opening Day, in which I extolled the actions of Members assisting other Members by helping with their grocery shopping or paying their quarterly dues, other Members have joined them. One Member returned from LOA to Active status, not to sail during this time of lockdown, but so that FYC would receive more revenue. These Members epitomize the Corinthian Spirit of FYC Bylaws Article II. Good sportsmanship is important, but it's also about helping each other without having to be asked to do so. Very well done.

Lenox Grasso
FYC Commodore 
FYC Port Captain MdRH

Lenox Grasso is the FYC Commodore and MdRH Port Captain. He joined FYC MdRH in 2010 after many years of sailing the Eastern Seaboard, Great Lakes, Bahamas, Caribbean, to Cuba, Panama, Bermuda, and Spain. Educated at Yale and Harvard, Lenox worked in federal defense and in expert systems with IBM, Naval Intelligence, NY Hospital, and at Harvard with RAND. Lenox is a USCG 100-Ton Master and now works at ASA (Certs 107-108, 201-206, 211-218).
Calendar Item

Socializing Online With FYC

While we are deprived of sailing and of each other’s pleasant company, we can at least socialize a bit online, and that is the experiment Art Toye, FYC MdRH Fleet Capt., is trying out. 

So on Friday April 17, around five-ish and upon Art’s invitation, a few of us had an informal get-together on Zoom and shot the breeze for an hour or so. It was lovely to see every one, even if only on a computer screen, and some of the backgrounds were quite fun! Thank you Kuba Fietkewicz for making it possible technologically, and thank you, Art, for assuming the impromptu mantle of Social Director :)

The next scheduled Zoom hangout is on May 2nd at 5 pm. If you are interested in participating, please email Art and let him know: mdrfleetcap@gmail.com. See the login details below.

I hope you are all staying well and healthy, and I look forward to someday soon (I hope!) seeing you on the water again,

Murielle Hamilton
FYC Editor

Among the people who popped in and out or stayed throughout (L-R, top to bottom): Art Toye, Kuba Fietkewicz, Harvey Chao, Murielle Hamilton, Greg Kupiec, Bruce Naliboff, Ken Kronbluh, Willy Maynetto, Steven Mandel, Bill Connor, Susan Bonner, Marc Levine, and Rohan Damani.
May 2 Zoom Happy Hour Details

Art Toye, MdRH Fleet Captain is organizing and Kuba Fietkewicz is sponsoring an FYC social hour on May 2 Saturday, 5 pm on Zoom. To join the Zoom Meeting, click here: (you may have to download the app; allow a bit of time beforehand if you're not familiar with this so you can iron out possible access difficulties). Members can call Art if they have issues logging on: Art Toye, 310-560-2560.


The Meeting ID is: 669 470 5365 and the Password is: 1492.  

- One tap mobile
       +16699006833,,6694705365#,,#,1492# US (San Jose)
       +14086380968,,6694705365#,,#,1492# US (San Jose)

- or dial by your location
       +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
       +1 408 638 0968 US (San Jose)
       +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
       +1 646 876 9923 US (New York)
       +1 253 215 8782 US
       +1 301 715 8592 US
       +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

- or Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/aKGUvq2t1

Art Toye got his first certification as an instructor in 1988 and taught beginning through advanced sailing at UCLA Aquatic Center in MDR for 30 years. He is most at home daysailing and increasing his skills doing cruises. He is FYC's Fleet Captain at MdRH. 

Kuba Fietkiewicz has always dreamed of sailing off into the sunset and, having found Fairwind, he appreciates the ability to do so as frequently as possible. Along with his wife as first mate, he runs an online business for real estate investors that requires them to remain connected at all times and return to port, though one day they just might not return. 
Sailing Techniques

Jib Cars, Sail Twist & Rig Tuning

Ever wonder what you’re supposed to do about those jib fairlead cars? Front or back or leave them in the middle? Captain Lang offers answers in the first video, including a nifty trick for moving a fairlead car under load.

In the second video, Captain Lang addresses some advanced mainsail trim, and since you probably have more time on your hands than usual, I added a third one about tuning your rigging. These videos are short: 3-4 minutes each. 

Have fun!

Murielle Hamilton
Entertainment Section

The Whitbread Round The World Race 1989

This is a wonderful 29-minute documentary of the race now dubbed the Volvo Ocean Race. That year, Steinlager 2 swept the overall race, and a newcomer by the name of Tracy Edwards skippered Maiden and won 2 legs in her class.

From the YouTube description:

"The 1989-90 Whitbread Round the World Race was a true classic, ending in a clean sweep of all six legs by Peter Blake and the crew of Steinlager 2. Behind Blake, Grant Dalton’s Fisher & Paykel NZ and Pierre Fehlmann’s Merit completed the top three, while Tracy Edwards and all-female boat Maiden created one of the race’s most enduring stories. Maiden won two of six legs in her class, leading to Edwards becoming the first woman to be named Yachtsman of the Year. Don’t forget to subscribe for more The Ocean Race: https://goo.gl/BzBCwU"

The short version (29:10) is posted below, and it you want to watch the long version, you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdsZ_1C0yQo (2:11:24)
Murielle Hamilton grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where she graduated in Dead Languages and Poli Sci. She has spent most of her life in music (working for Prince, the Rolling Stones, and others, later composing film scores and ballet music); and in fashion, with her own line sold at Barney's, Nordstrom's, Anthropologie, etc.. She joined FYC in 2018, has ASAs 101-103-105, and loves to race.
The View From The Rear

Rear Commodore's Report, CIH

By Hal Cohen, CIH Rear Commodore

As you can imagine, there hasn’t been a lot of maintenance performed on our boats this past month. We have been staying clear of the harbor; only contacting the marina office periodically to verify that the boats are in their slips and still floating. However, we did get a few items completed prior to the issuance of the Governor’s Stay-At-Home order. Here are the CIH maintenance achievements for March:

  • Angelsea: New transmission leaked fluid after its replacement – swapped out the defective dipstick to solve the issue; new aerator system installed to reduce odor coming from the aft head holding tank; damaged shore power cord connector at dock box replaced.
  • Mistral: Damaged engine at the vendor for rebuild - determined that a broken piston ring land caused a loss of engine oil issue; made arrangements with vendor to 1) install all new pistons, and 2) install a new damper plate between the engine and the transmission during reassembly. 
  • Sorella: New rope clutch added for the mainsheet.
  • Mk III: Leak at coach roof penetration for port topside handrail repaired.
  • Island Side: Temporary fix for autohelm wheel drive installed.
  • Freedom Too: Frayed alternator belt replaced; broken hose clamps at raw water strainer replaced.
  • Camp David – Missing air horn replaced.
  • Driftwood: Broken outboard kill switch replaced.
  • Desert Wind: Faulty outboard spark plug discovered and replaced; discharged air horn replaced.
  • Sweet Deal: Outboard main bearing squealing – corrected by lubrication.
That’s the scoop for this month. I hope to see you around the harbor sooner than later. Stay safe and be well,
Hal Cohen
CIH Rear Commodore
Hal Cohen joined Fairwind in 2016 and has served as the CIH Rear Commodore over the past 3 years. His background as a retired aerospace engineer with a 40-year career contributing to the design, manufacture, operation, and program management of complex electro-optical and aerospace systems has given him the tools he uses to lead the great maintenance team that keeps the CIH fleet up and running. He has been a boat owner/maintainer over most of his life.

Rear Commodore's Report, MdRH

By Steven Fenster, MdRH Rear Commodore

Not much to report this month, as minimal maintenance is being done in MDR, so here goes:

- All dinghies have been drained of rainwater
- We now have a portable battery-operated bilge pump to drain all small boats (in dock box G1424)
- All combinations to all boats have been changed until we get the all-clear from city, county, and state.
- The combination of the garage door and lockers at SMWYC have been changed due to illegal entry into the building.
- New lifelines have been installed on Mariah and both rear seats have been repaired and painted.
- We have started prepping Rambaley for painting the topside to be blue and white. (see photo of job in progress below)
- FYC now has a 16-foot canoe donated by Mark Gilmore. 

Hoping to see all of you in the near future.

Stephen Fenster

MdR’s Yngling, “Rambaley”, an Olympic class sailboat, with a snazzy new coat of sky blue painted by Steven Fenster. 
Photo by Mary Kullenberg

Stephen Fenster is the Rear Commodore for FYC MDR. He holds a BA in Education and has spent his professional life in the marine and automotive aftermarket. He serves on the Fairwind Board, the Harbor Committee and the Boat Selection Committee, and is responsible for all outboards. He has been married for 39 years and has one child.
Guidelines, Links & Credits

Hello Fairwinders,

1) The basic Newsletter Submission Guidelines are as follows. Articles are meant to inform, to teach, to keep the membership abreast of current goings-on, to share something unusual done by one of our members which may be of interest to a segment of our membership, to cover a Club activity, or to amuse.

Each article should be 500 words or less. The deadline for submission is the 15th of the month for the next month's issue. Whenever possible, please send photos or illustrations to go with your article, as well as a portrait photo of yourself and a 60-word mini-bio.

2) Al
l cruises are suspended until further notice due to Covid-19.

If you have any questions or want to discuss an item directly with me, you can email me at fyceditor2019@gmail.com. Thank you! 

Murielle Hamilton
FYC Editor
Murielle Hamilton grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, where she graduated in Dead Languages and Poli Sci. She has spent most of her life in music (working for Prince, the Rolling Stones and others, later composing film scores and ballet music); and in fashion, with her own line sold at Barney's, Nordstrom's, Anthropologie, etc.. She joined FYC in 2018, has ASAs 101-103-105 and loves to race.
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