War Mage- 

My apprentice, I am sorry to have disappeared so suddenly yet again. First it was the Kobold blood, now it is a quest of utmost importance.

I am writing to you for two reasons. One, because it is vital that no one know where I am just yet. Two, because I do not fully trust the Sorceress. Though she agreed to my terms before I brought her back, it is up to you to watch her. 

Keep an eye out for my messages, and be vigilant very aware. Not everyone who seeks to join the New Order will have good intentions. 

  -The Master 

What an unusual side effect.... Rift Shards
The ritual worked... mostly.
What mysterious powers were hidden by the Rift Lords?
I am coming home. The Unchained are upon us.
The Order has a new enemy...
Most peculiar - Fortress pairs!
I am still alive. Again.
Nature hates me
Teamwork works
I hate the cold
I am sending you help. You need it.
What is the meaning of this?
There are more Weavers!
Just a taste.
A History Lesson
I have escaped on my own.
Seriously. Send Help.
Send Help
Choose your friends wisely
We must proceed with caution...
It's time to come clean.
I have found something!