The Halloween Blue Taurus Full Moon and Red Mars in the upper right.
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ATMann’s October Taurus Blue Full Moon Astrology Newsletter

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The Halloween Taurus Full Moon is on 31 October at 10:49 AM EDT, and is a Blue moon because it is the second full moon in the month of October and the circularity of this concept is such that one can feel it in the world around us. Also, Mars is in its sign Aries and as it is closest to Earth at this time and also next to the full moon, it is being called a Red Moon. The combination is quite potent and is also very accurate, looking at what is going on around us. I just wish sometimes that it isn’t black and white instead.

Once again, the shape of the chart is a bit like a combination kite and bow-and-arrow, with striations that echo the tension of typical full moons. In this case the paradox is the Taurus Moon being very visible and clear in its significance, indeed next to Mars in the night sky, while the Scorpio Sun masks, obscures and brings a sense of deep mystery going on, which will obviously focus upon the dangerous and obscene presidential election shenanigans next week, and it looks to me like all hell is going to break loose. There is a huge burst of tension and with Mars and Uranus both involved in oppositional aspects, this is very likely. And as the off-the-wall Uranian energy that pervaded the 2016 election is now conjunct the usually stable moon exactly, it makes this coming time much more volatile and unpredictable by far. On other levels such a time could connote great creativity, however in this case the complexity of their manifestation is likely to infuriate certain people and create great tension. Moon/Uranus is stubborn, self-absorbed and willful, which describes the president, and can wash over us in our personal lives as well as being triggered by feminine energies as well.

Mercury still retrograde (until 4 November) in Libra hopefully shows that legality reigns, although that is questionable with its square to Saturn and Pluto, the two “heavies” likely to resist the legal and create greater tension, if not revolution. And also Mercury trines the North Node of public opinion in the seventh house, showing that higher powers will probably be necessary to create order at this time. And that Neptune also squares the Node shows that secretive influences permeate the entire operation. How difficult, under these conditions, how difficult will it be to plant voter illegalities, when that is what you are already claiming? I worry that even a Biden landslide might be problematic in the long run, although I hope not. Just remember that in early November Mercury goes back into Scorpio and Mars goes direct around the middle of November, back into square with Pluto, so it is intense. It is a scary time…..

Indeed, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn throughout this time begins their transit of Pluto in the Sibley chart of 1776, and what this means could be a re-enactment of the revolution against an unethical and mad monarch, George III. You may not agree with my political stance, but that is what I see clearly at this moment. And that Jupiter is also there shows the exaggerated energies at play here, and Jupiter’s quincunx to the Node shows how the public is influential in this time, yet frustrated in its limited role.

Both Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in early Aries aspect both Sun and Moon, and mutually have the effect of obscuring or deflecting the deeper impact of current events on individual psyches, which is certainly relevant now. We must individually meditate (and/or pray) that positive outcomes arise now as they will affect us either way for decades to follow. This is a huge turning point for sure. As they are near the bottom (IC) of the chart it shows that they both come from the depths of our collective being and while flipping from their positive to negative poles and bewildering us collectively, we must hope that their positive faces show up soon and powerfully.

The bizarre thing is the Venus is in her sign Libra at the top (noon point) of the chart, which shows love and light, those two angelic entities that I trust are guiding this process and opposite Chiron, the story-teller of our woundedness at the IC of the chart. This shows that despite a loving atmosphere, there are contradictory and oppositional forces working in the darkness of the lower regions. This is likely to affect us deeply, whether or not we are tied into existing situations, but by extension, we are all a party to what is arising, and sending love I possibly the best way to respond

I feel a terrific sense of unease in these times, whatever the actual results of the election, it is unlikely to go smoothly. We must be extremely patient as revolutionary energies are certainly at work and unexpected repercussions are likely to come into being as personifications of the strange energies being generated now by those wishing to disrupt the status quo.

I am available for readings if you are interested or need some support in this difficult time. Please be in touch with me for an appointment. I am available for readings of all kinds, including Life Time readings, Yearly Updates with the new graphic format I am beginning to use, Partnerships, and affordable Mandala Astrological Tarot readings small or elaborate….. and I will try to help you find your way through the current strange times.

All the best, be safe, act sensibly, eat well, be very good to Gaia, and always love,
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October Taurus Blue Full Moon.
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