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On The Farm

Happy Summer 2021!

Can you really believe Summer has finally arrived here in Ireland?

We have had a busy Winter - with our new cattle and sheep keeping us on the move every day. 

We’re really interested in the idea of holistic planned grazing and how this process can revitalise and allow soils to regenerate.

The cattle and sheep are kept contained in a fenced off area which they graze. 

After 24 hours the cattle and sheep move on to the next fenced off area along with some hay and water. 

They don’t actually eat all of the grass, the idea is to leave some behind as a protective cover for the soil. The hay is there to supplement nutrition but also to leave behind grass seed (and another layer of protection).

Ruminants especially leave behind a special kind of fermented manure - again adding to organic matter and natural fertiliser for the soil.

Leave for a few days, follow up with hens. 

The hens distribute the manure by scratching. They remove any parasites left behind by the cattle.

The hens leave behind their own organic fertiliser and then when they move on, that patch of ground won’t see stock again for at least 60 days in which time the ground, soil, grass has had a totally natural regenerative kickstart to come back with more nutrition and goodness.

No chemicals, no synthetic fertilisers, no pesticides.

And you can taste the difference!

Trees On The Land

We are very grateful to Trees On The Land for the 300 trees we received this year. 

We have planted 400 metres of Hawthorn and Oak hedging and are still in the process of getting our 100 shelter belt trees into the ground.

They will go to providing not only shelter for our own stock but to the hundreds of different birds, bugs, butterflies and beetles on our farm.

We are also grateful to the GIY Grow It Forward movement for providing us with seeds to grow and share with our customers. 

Pigs In Space

We took ownership of six lovely Oxford Sandy and Black pigs at the beginning of the year. 

The ladies have been busy working over land for us to sow vegetables into and refreshing patches of land the hens were kept on.

We will have a small number of pork boxes in June.

You can register your interest here.


Our little hens are busy laying away after taking a short break for Winter. 

Hens are reliant on daylight to regulate egg laying. Taking a rest over Winter allows them time to regenerate too! To everyone who has been waiting for them to kickstart back into action, thank you for your patience.

We're also now stocked in NeighbourFood Cahir, Tipperary and Waterford GIY along with Clonmel.

You can place your order on NeighbourFood here!

In The News!

We were chuffed to have had a socially distanced visit from the legendary Marty Morrissey just in time for Easter. 

You can listen back to his interview with Kylie here.


Ear To The Ground

Back in September of 2020, RTÉ Ear to the Ground came to visit Magners Farm.

We absolutely loved hosting Helen Carroll, Paula Williams and her team, you can watch the show featuring Magners Farm here

Irish Organic Association

Since the end of 2018, we have been in conversion with the Irish Organic Association.

On January 1 of 2021 we received our full certification and are now registered full organic with the Irish Organic Association.


EU Newbie Winner!


Kylie has been selected as the winner of the 2020 NEWBIE project new entrant competition for Ireland.The NEWBIE Network is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project with 10 European partners. Newbie offers a unique platform by bringing together new entrants, successors, advisors, researchers, important regional and national actors and relevant

in national networks, with the aim of enabling new entrants to successfully establish a sustainable farm business in Europe. 

John Moriarty NEWBIE project advisor with Teagasc said; “Kylie is great example of new entrant to agriculture achieving a good income from a relatively small farm. Kylie has innovated to grow the business adding new products and income streams.

This year’s competition has seen a number of excellent entries and finalists, it was a great achievement to come out on top.”


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